A Screwdriver is a cocktail made with orange juice and vodka created sometime before 1949. It is believed to have originated with American oil workers in Iran who drank vodka and orange juice and stirring it with their screwdrivers which they carried on their worn out pants.

If we replace the flat orange juice with carbonated orange like the F&N, we'll get another cocktail called Hi-Fi.

A little facts about these two ingredients...
Vodka is one of the world's most consumed distilled beverages and was introduced in 1894 by Alexander III (who cares?). It has 35% to 50% content of alcohol. Price ranging around RM60-70/ bottle of Absolut.

Orange is said to have originated from southeast Asia (India maybe.. or china) and is one of the main sources for Vitamin C (who doesn't know?). Price ranging around RM4-5/ packet of Marigold Peel Fresh.

My Opinion...
Both ingredients are easy to get & affordable. The soothing taste i get from this drink have made it my favourite cocktail.

1 oz or 28ml vodka (Absolut - Either Original or Lemon)
2 oz or 56ml orange juice (Marigold Peel Fresh)
3-5 cubes of ices

Put the ice cubes into a glass (highball glass, if u have). Pour vodka, followed by orange juice. Stir & Serve.

personal note: you may try replacing the peel fresh orange juice with F&N mango orange. It gives you a fizzy tangy mango & orange flavour simultaneously.
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