Blessed 6th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 6th anniversary. He were out to get the car washed about 11am, then came back around 2.30pm and surprised me with a bouquet of pink roses. It's beautiful. But his thought and effort to do the buying had captured my heart more.

We had our anniversary dinner at TGIF, Subang Parade. Initially, we planned to have our dinner at Eden but our appetite at that moment preferred TGIF more. We started off with an appetizer: Bruschetta - garlic bread taste alike with additional salty and sweet tastes from the tomatoes and chocolate syrup (Yummy!!), and French Onion Soup (no photo, forgotten to take) - onion soup covered with bread and topped with melted mozzarella's cheese (Yummy!!). Had our main course: Smothered Chicken - grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce topped with melted mozzarella's cheese comes with mash potatoes and broccoli (the mash potatoes was delicious, the chicken was moderate only), and dessert: Chocolate Malt Cake (no photo) - haven't try yet. We had to take away our dessert due to the limitation of our stomach.
Oh yeah, we had a glass of Ultimate Margarita as well. Every of our anniversary dinners will have at least a glass of cocktail. At the end of our dinner, his face was as red as the baboon's ass even though he only had a quarter of the glass. The rushing blood through his veins makes him sweat too. For people who doesn't know him, will have the first impression that he cannot drink. Well, i knew him and it's all right for me to see him like this.

note: Meaning of Light Pink Roses: Light pink roses express a sense of fun, happiness, and whimsy. (Find out more about the meaning of roses and its colors)

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