Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2007

This morning, Melvin, Aunt Janet, darling & I together with our doggies: Milky, Mint, Ariel & Brownie went to Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2007 at BU Park. When we reached there at about 8.40am, the crowd were already there. We have to parked our car at the roadside opposite the park instead of at the roadside by the park where we normally would be able to find a space. [Left] Registration booth managed by Purina. After registering our doggies, we went for a walk around the park, enjoying the dog-friendly environment. The crowd was big this time with lots of different breed of doggies.

After rounds of walking around the park, we stopped for a rest at the pavement side, where there are spaces to sit down comfortably. [Right] Resting comfortably in shadows of trees. We watched in enjoyment as doggies passes us by. We spotted two schnauzers with horse-cut and a number of doggies had colouring on their fur, some like a tattoo with shapes of stars and words. [Left] Begging me to carry her on my lap. It was a long rest, we sat there until 11.30am, time for us to collect our goodies bags which was a packet of Purina Snack. (We can only collect our goodie bag at 11.30am instead of upon registration as normally would. This is a smart move to make people stay longer.)

Note: All pictures were taken with 2.0mpx camera phone.

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