Mom is the Greatest

My mom is one of the greatest mom in the world. Her endless love & cares for my family are highly appreciated. No matter how tired she was, she will try to make our home as comfortable as possible. I really admire her efforts. Thank you, mom!
On this special day, my sis & I, together with my bro-in-law & Chloe brought my mom to Italiannies Restaurant, One Utama Shopping Centre. We had our lunch there. After lunch, we did some shopping for Chloe's party goodies at Jaya Jusco.
In the evening, I went to darling's house. (oh yeah, forgot to tell you. My darling is oversea for business.) I've bought a stem of blood red rose for auntie. Had my dinner at darling's house and hang around his house till 10.30pm.
Auntie Janet is also one of the greatest mom in the world. Her continuous supports, loves & cares were recognized among my darling's family. She'll make sure that everyone's daily needs are met. Even though she had stressess at work, but she's always joyful at home.
Again, I would like to wish all the mommies out there, a very "Happy Mother's Day!".
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