My Sis's Evening Gown

"A promise made is a promise to be fulfilled", I reminded myself. Even though my heart felt heavy to help my sister to design and make an evening gown, I had to do it.
2 months ago, my sis saw the evening gown that i've made for Steph (Melvin's girlfriend). She loves it and DEMANDED that i do the same thing for her. I promised her that time because I don't want her to get jealous and I love practicing and putting my knowledge/skills into action. But as time goes by, i was busy with my work & life that i've forgotten about it until last tues. I remembered her saying that she needs the gown for a dinner on July 1. Realising that a promise made is a promise to be fulfilled, i called her up and set a day for sourcing of fabric.
Today, I went to SS2 with my sis for this reason. We went into 2 fabric shops but couldn't set our eyes on any of it. Not to waste any more time, I suggested that we have a look at Nagoya (Textile Shop), Carrefour Subang Jaya. With a mere hope of getting a good fabric, we went to Nagoya. We spent an hour ++ mixing and matching the fabrics. At last, we bought a flowery turqoise netting and a blue satin. Total buy: RM95. It was a "Good Shit" deal.
And now, I need to finish a cocktail bag for Steph before I could start drafting my sis's gown.
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