5 Reasons Why I Blog Meme

I received an email from betshopboy early this week, informing me that I was tagged or invited to join this meme. He was very polite to asked me whether do i accept his invitation. Touched by his sincerity, I willingly accepted. That is how I was tagged by betshopboy on 5 Reasons Why I Blog. (Thanks! betshopboy)

So, here goes my 5 reasons:

1. I started blogging because I wanted to share my recipes.
2. Other than the first reason, I also would like to keep my friends updated on my life and what's happening in my life.
3. As I've learned more about the blogosphere and met all different personalities of great peoples, I've became obsessed with blogging. It gave me opportunities to learn from them.
4. I blog also because to release stress. Yes, my blog is my stress aid.
5. To gain knowledge and friends.

I do not know who have started this meme, but whatever have been started must go around. Not wanting to be the one to stop this meme, i would like to pass this on to my best girlfriend cum younger sister: Sh'n at Sh'ntigrade. Have fun, gurl! ;)

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