Mini Poll Notification & Statistic

When I checked my email moment ago, I was shocked too find out that there are 18 notification emails from Bravenets on my Mini Poll, all at the same time (differences by few secs/ mins). Usually, my lovely visitors would vote "Love it! I'll definitely come back for more!" which had always brightened up my day. :)

I opened the first email, it was from IP It says "Boring! I'll never come back." Before this, I have 2 votes on "Boring!". So, receiving this one is not a big deal. My first thought was, "Okay, someone out there doesn't like my blog."

Then I opened the second email, it was from IP again, with the same vote. The third one from IP, with the same vote. The fourth one from IP, with the same vote. Again on the rest of the notifications until the seventh email.

When I opened the seventh email, it was from the first IP, voting "Hate it! I never want to hear about it anymore." My thought was like,"What are these?" The rest of the notifications are the same. Altogether, I've received 18 votes from 3 different IPs. I've summarized it as below:

Votes count on "Boring!"
IP (Malaysia) : 7 votes
IP (US) : 1 vote
IP (US) : 1 vote

Votes count on "Hate it!"
IP (Malaysia) : 6 votes
IP (US) : 2 votes
IP (US) : 1 vote

Then I look at my statistic. It gives a clean 10 votes on "Boring!" and 10 votes on "Hate it!". I laughed at the result. These peoples really know when to stop. But it sure has dragged my percentage down. :/

I told Mike Tee about this. And he said this might be just spamming. The art of some kind of spam robots. If this is not the reason, maybe those peoples have really voted at the same time. Hmmm.. perplexed!!

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