Welcome Back, Ariel!

We just brought Ariel home from clinic. She's now sleeping soundly in her crib. Dr. Vijay said that the Blood Biochemistry test result is very bad. Show that her kidney & liver is in bad condition. Her reading were 8 times more than the normal reading. And when doctor tried to do the x-ray test, they almost lost her. Yes, Ariel almost die. She can't get overly excited or scared, if not she'll have difficulties breathing. She was scared. So, doctor have to stopped the test and continue 3 hours later.

Right now, what we can do is let her heart, liver and kidney stabilize first on its own before we do further treatment. If we continue the treatment now, we might lost her because her body cannot withstand any shock at all. We are giving her supplements and antibiotic and putting her on health diet.

Doctor said she is dying. But I felt that she's struggling with it. She's a strong dog. I know she can survive through this trauma and live for another 3-4 years. Even tho' doctor kept giving me all the bad news, I have faith in Ariel. I am not very saddened by all these now, somehow, I do not know where or how, I have this little hope at the corner of my heart.

This is an old picture of Ariel. She was 3 1/2 years old. Be strong, ya! *mmuaks*

May God bless Ariel! :)

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