A Visit To The Chinese Physician

Chinese Herbs & Prescription Note

I consulted a chinese physician/ doctor yesterday at Huah Shan Herbs Store, USJ Taipan, was recommended by my friend. I was being skeptical because it's hard to believe that one can tell what's wrong with the other person by just taking the pulse. Even tho' this method was proven its accuracy but i am still on the fence.

Without saying a word, i gave him my left hand. He put his fingers on my wrist and take my pulse. He said, "You're lack of blood, lack of air/oxygen." My thoughts : Well, ok. That explained my palpitation.

And then he took the pulse on my right hand, "You've consumed too much of cold beverages, too much time in front of the monitor that it has strained your brain's energy." My thoughts: Well, ok. True as well. But maybe that's because he understood the behaviour of nowadays peoples.

And he took my left hand again and said, "You're having too much stress/ tension." He also said that my liver & kidney are not co-operating well that causes my stomach not able to absorb the nutrient from the food i eat. My thoughts: Well, ok. He's right. How does he knows i am under tremendous stress?

He gave me a prescription for chinese herbs. I need to take these herbs 8 times and according to the doctor, I should be feeling better and I will be able to absorb nutrient, hence gaining weight at the end of this 8th intake. The consultation and 1 packet of chinese herbs costs RM32. After taking this 1st packet, i still need to buy 7 more packets from the herbs store @ RM26/packet. That's mean, the total billing for this 'treatment' is RM214.

Because of what he said (all right about me), I am going to start taking these chinese herbs until the 8th intake. Anyway, it's only herbs and herbs are meant for restoring and bringing goodness to your health. No harm done to my body!

So, how about you? Have you been to chinese physician? How much do you believe in chinese physicians and medication?

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