The Talkative Chloe

Chloe will be turning 2 years old this coming May 2008. It's an amazing feeling to witness the process of her growing from an infant to a talkative toddler. She's so adorable & smart. I'd realized babies nowadays learn things very fast. They will listen to your words and watch your behaviour, and learn from it. That's why there's this saying,"Like Father Like Son". It's true!

Chloe has alot of "moves" that delighted us. One of her latest moves is talking on the handphone. I manage to record it this morning. Do you know what happen during my recording? My phone rang and that's why the recording was ended abruptly. It was from my mom's handphone, the one chloe was holding. "She called me!" i exclaimed excitedly. But of course, it's on accidentally. She doesn't know how to dial the number. But still, She's a smart baby! :) Go ahead and play the video.

So tell me, can you not laugh when you see a kid doing that? :)

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