Toaster Oven

It's been almost 3 months since i've shifted to my new home, yet i've never shown you guys how my new home looks like, except for that little sneak preview long ago. :)

So, today, I am going to show you guys a part of my home: The Kitchen!

Tadaa!!! So, what do you guys think? Actually we've chosen a black marble table top but they don't have it anymore. So, we have to use this common-looking table top. It still looks okay to us but of course, if we have the black table top, it'll look more elegant. :) There's a counter & two high chairs at the left side of my kitchen. It is for mini breakfast/ teas/ eatings whilst chit-chatting. :)

As you see, i have almost every appliances a kitchen needs: Oven, microwave, refrigerator, mixer, burner/ stove, water boiler, toaster and blender. Do you know what's missing? It's a small compact toaster oven. You may think why do i need a toaster oven when i already have an oven. It's because an oven consume alot of electricity, so it's not advisable to use an oven just to toast a small two-pieces of bread.

A toaster oven is alot smaller & convenient. Says, if you have two pastries that you'll like to reheat, what do you use? A microwave or toaster oven? I'll tell you the differences. If you use a microwave, your pastries will be hot but nothing else. But if you use a toaster oven, your pastries will be HOT and CRISPY! That's the difference!

And before i could decide which to buy, I read alot on toaster oven reviews to get myself in tune with the latest model and information. And it seems, this toaster oven should fit perfectly in my kitchen. :)

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