Thai Tomyam

When I first visited Bangkok Nov last year, I was fascinated with their Tomyam! It's so different from our homeland tomyam or the tomyam i cook.
It was spicy & sour with a tantalizing smells of its own. I can't help myself but had tomyam everyday over there.
I told my darling that we could make our Thai Tomyam when we are back. And so last week, after so many months, i've decided to make my version of Thai Tomyam.

Thai Tomyam

2 big onions (chopped finely)
8cm galangal (sliced)
4 stalks lemon grass (chopped)
20 chili padi (halved)
20 kaffir leaves (cut into tiny strips)
12tbsp tomyam paste
2 tbsp lemon juice (limau kasturi)
3 tomatoes
2 stalks parsley (cut the leaves, chopped the stalk)
3 litres water
Prawns (shelled with the tail intact)
1/2 cup coconut milk *

1. Saute onions, galangal & 10 chili padi until fragrant. Add in water, followed by 2 stalks of lemon grass that has been chopped and 10 kaffir leaves which has been cut into thin strips with a scissors. Let it boil for about 15mins under medium heat.

2. Add in the tomyam paste and the rest of the chopped lemon grass. Let it boil for 5 mins before putting in the balance kaffir leaves strips, chili padi, chopped parsley and tomatoes.

3. Boil for about 25 mins under medium heat, then add in the main ingredients. *If you want, you can add in the coconut milk.

4. Let it boil for another 10mins, add in salt & lemon juice to taste and your tomyam soup is ready to serve.

5. Before serving, cut 1-2 kaffir leaves into thin strips and let it sit under the soup. Garnish with parsley on top. Freshly cut kaffir leaves will release a refreshing fragrance while the fresh parsley will give the soup an additional smell.

This recipe cannot be compared to the real tomyam that they have in Bangkok but at least it is a 90% Thai Tomyam. I will be making another attempt on the 24th May during my niece's birthday party. Hopefully I'll be able to make a 100% Thai Tomyam. :) (LJ, you might want to try this recipe since you like Bangkok food so much!! ^^)

[Update: Improvised Thai Tomyam!]

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