Mua Chee on Father's Day

Alas! I can blog from my home already [Inset Left: Cozy little work area in our room]. This is my first time blogging from my new home and it feels soo good!! For those who do not know, I've been waiting for approx 2 solid months to be connected from my new home. It was said that there's no telephone cable at my area yet cause it's still a new place. It was a difficult 2 months. Blessedly, I can still go online from my office but of coz there's limitation to it. Now that I could blog from home, be prepared for my late night snacks, it's gonna add tonnes of calories to you! Haha! :D

Let's start with a light snack first. This is a steam glutinous rice coated with peanuts & sugar mixture called Mua Chee. This is my first attempt in making this snack and it turned out not bad. I got compliments from my darling, sis and mom. (Marzie, this is the mua chee that i've been talking about! Enjoy, woman! :))
Weekend Snapshot


400g glutinous flour
2 Tbsp sago flour (can be obtained in baking shop
250ml boiling water
310 cold water

5 shallots (sliced thinly)
5 Tbsp oil

300g peanuts (roasted,skinned and blended)
150g castor sugar

1. Deep-fry shallots until crispy. Drain and keep the oil for use later.

2. In a big mixing bowl, pour in glutinous rice, follow by boiling water. Combined well using a spatula.

3. Add sago flour, cold water and 1 Tbsp shallot oil. Gradually stirring to combine all ingredients into a thick batter.

4. Pour the batter into a lightly greased tray. Steam under high heat for 35-40 minutes. Leave aside to cool.

5. In a shallow plate, mix the blended peanuts and sugar together.

6. Cut a big piece of the steamed batter out (approx 1/4 of the tray), and coat with the peanuts mixture. Using a scissors, cut the mua chee into bite-sized. Repeat until all the steamed batter is coated.

Good to be eaten fresh. It's chewily soft in the inside and crunchy in the outside with the peanuts and sugar mixture ~ yummylicious! :)

Ok, so i heard today is Father's Day. I'm not gonna be stingy with my mua chee. I would like to share this mua chee with all my blogger friends and also my friends who's a dad to someone namely Adrian, Nick, Sam and Bro Bokjae.
Happy Father's Day, guys! May your day be filled with love & happiness! :)
Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to write a little tribute to my dad. It's a short one, because i can't bring myself deeper into the thoughts of him without crying. If he is still alive, he would be 62 years old now. He was a great man with a great sense of responsibilities. He knew that he had to take care of us and he worked hard to achieved most man cannot achieve. He has given us the best education he could afford. He has given us the best of him. He's the greatest man in my heart! I love him dearly! So, here's to my dad: Happy Father's Day! I love you, dad!

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