Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Yesterday morning, someone with the identity "guest" came into AGP and left a nasty message at my shoutbox. He/ She said, "u are a jerk". My first reaction was to laugh. But soon after that, i'd realized that i've just been insulted and hurt came in. For the next 30 seconds, i was wondering why he/ she would say such thing to me.

Even tho' i know that I shouldn't take his/ her words seriously, but when someone say such thing to you, you'll surely feel the pain regardless the truth.

I remembered, last time when someone messed around with my Bravenets Mini Poll, my wonderful friends were here to cheer me up by voting vigorously on "Love it!" Thank you, friends!

And this time, I have my wonderful girlfriends Emila, Marzie and LJ here to back me up and cheer me up. Look at their messages at my shoutbox. My hurts were soon gone and replaced with true happiness becasue i've found a real friendship in them. Thank you, my dearies! I love you all!! Group Hug, Ladies!! *mmuaaks*

click to see enlarged picture (left to right)

I would also like to thank Debbie and Janice for their comforting emails. Thank you and Jean Chia love you gals too! :)

So, here's a few words for this "guest"; If your intention is to get me miserable for the rest of my days, you are barking up the wrong tree. Instead, i am very happy now because I've such supportive and loving friends with me.

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