The Most Feared Day Came

Hello everyone,

I am sorry I've been missing for few days without a notice. I've been away for the weekend to Port Dickson. It was a fun-filled trip with my bunch of crazy friends. The chalet that we stayed in was awesome. I will upload the photos here if not because of the most feared day came.

It happened yesterday morning. When i switched on my lappie, a blue screen appeared, it said, "..your file has been corrupted.." I was like, "What the heck?", not trying to act like the house on fire, i calmed myself down and restarted my lappie. Again, the blue screen appeared with the same message. My heart was pumping like crazy, my lappie is not working and i cant access into my work files. "Will I lose all my data?" I thought to myself.

Panicked, i asked my darling to attend to this matter. It took him the whole day to fixed it. He has to reinstalled everything. Now my lappie is without adobe, microsoft office and all my files on my old desktop was gone. That's mean all my digiscrap elements which i've happily downloaded was GONE, all GONE!!! It felt like as tho' the world has just ended. Ok, maybe not that extreme but you guys get what i meant, rite! especially you, Marzie, who has been experiencing this almost monthly lately.

So now, i need to install back all my apps first before i can fully blog again. In the meantime, i'm leaving you guys a view from The Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson. Enjoy! :)


p/s: Don't worry, I wont be gone for long, just a day or two. :)

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