Pressies From My Two Lovely Ladies

Woohoo!! I received two parcels this week. One is from Marzie and the other one is from Emila. Both are my winnings from their contests, Where is Mariuca and T-Shirt Giveaway.

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First, it was on thursday, i received this lovely fridge magnet and mini bag keychain from Marzie, and a cool TV3 notepad from B, Marzie's loving hubby. I love all the three of it! I've happily put the fridge magnet to my collection. :)

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And kept the keychain in my keychain box and the notepad in my drawer. The thing about me when receiving a nice notepad is that i don't dare to drop any ink on it. Remembered the notepad that Emila gave me during christmas last year, i am still keeping it unwritten. I think it will be the same goes with B's notepad. :)
Thank you, Marzie & B! I love my gifts! Jean Chia Love the both of you!! *mmuaakss* Hugs & Love!!! + caramel frap for marzie and a nice cup of berries tea for B! Enjoy your Saturday! :)

Okay, then on friday, i received this lovely teddies apron and 4 beautiful cards + one greeting card from Emila. I love Emila's artwork. And now I have additional items to put in my Emila's collection. Yay!! :)

I've taken shots of the individual cards and upclose of the teddies apron for your viewing, go ahead and click on them. :)

click to see enlarged picture

Emila, I really love the teddies apron and cards! What a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking! Thank you so much, Emila Yusof! Jean Chia Love Emila!! Hope you haven't had your lunch yet! Here's a claypot chicken rice with salted fish for you! Enjoy! :)


p/s: Due to the negative responses from two of my good friends, LJ and Marzie, I've removed my comment form beneath every post page. It seems to have slowed down my loading and commenters were not able to subscribe to the comments. Thanks, ladies for your opinions! :)

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