A Special Award From Famous Boy

Wow, Icing on the cake! Just yesterday, i've received a special poem from Joe and today i received a special award from my newly met friend, Famous Boy.

It was really sweet of him to present me with this specially designed award. I love it, FB! :) I am so flattered and touched by his words. He said this in his blog:

Three days after I had officially launched this blog, I've found blog that inspiring me and made an impact for my blogging way. Very Special Thanks for Jean Chia, the owner of
FB, I'm so glad that my blog has inspired you in your blogging. It's truly an honor to be able to be an inspriration to you. Hope that your blog will continue to get more readers and may you be able to achieve what you wanted in blogging! *HUGZ*
So peeps, please visit FB and give him all the supports he needs, k! After all, blogging is about making new friends, rite! ;)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)

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