Which TV Characters Are You?

I've been tagged by Bintang on these amazing quizzes. It's from two of my favourite TV shows: Supernatural & Heroes. Thanks, bintang! :)

*begin copy here*
  1. Take some Personality Quiz here. At least 2 (two) of it.
  2. Post the result on your blog and then leave a comment here so that I can add it to a Which TV Shows Character Are You? master list.
  3. Pass this tag to a blogger who you think watch a TV Shows. OR, if you interested in having fun, just include yourself in.
  4. Update the list on your post regularly to ensure everybody gets equal link benefit.
Which TV Shows Character Are You?

1. Snapshotcap 2. 3. My So-Called Life 4. My Little Black Pot 5. Pinay WAHM 6. Roselle's Sweet Escape 7. SuperNova & SweetPain 8. A Great Pleasure 9. Interest | Hobbies | Lifestyle 10. The Painted Veil 11. You're next

*end copy here*

I would like to tag: Marzie, Emila, Janice, Bobby, Adrian, NafaSG, FL Sam, Karen, Trinity, Bobo, Emmy, Ratu Syura, Stephanie, Pia, Mr. Zubli, LadyBanana/ Diana, Bro Bokjae, Jackie, Sabrina, Sushi, Maiylah, Roselle, Mommyallehs, Farah, and Nina

Have fun, peeps! :)

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