AGP: SEPT & OCT 2008 Top 5 Droppers

Before I begin the crowning of AGP September & October 2008 Top 5 Droppers, I would like to apologized for not being able to host this any sooner. It was becasue i've been having problems with my lappie, one problem after another. Now that all my problems are solved, I am delighted to announce the top droppers for these two months as follows.

September 2008 Top 5 Droppers


October 2008 Top 5 Droppers


Congratulations, guys! and thank you for remembering AGP during your daily EC dropping rounds. It's my great pleasure now to give out these awards + 300ec to you guys! Please grab the award from the html code provided above. I will send the ec to you at my soonest! Thank you once again, guys! *muaks*

And to the rest of you who has been dropping at AGP, thank you so much! Please keep dropping, k! Love ya'll!! *Group HUGZ*

Happy Wednesday! :)

First Commentator

Congratulations, Marzie! and thank you for your comments love! :)
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