Truth Unveiled

Why do I always use the pink butterfly at beginning of my title? Have you ever wonder? Or do you think that it's just a deco. Well, let me have the truth unveiled. It's actually my signature: CHC. Can you see the "C" on the left wing, "H" on the body and an inverted "C" on the right wing? :) Now, u will see it. :)
Actually, i've designed this signature when i was studying fashion in 2000-2002. I thought I could use this as my fashion label. Well, things got out of my hand after my graduation and I landed in this "out of my mind" line.
I've no regrets to not being able to work as a fashion designer and be known. I believe that this path I am walking is a path that God wanted me to walk. And because of this little faith, (some may think I am absurd for believing in God), I've journeyed through thick & thicker obstacles and I am still walking with God. Although the journey may not be smooth, but God promised that He will be with us, always. Again because of this little faith, I find courage & strength to go on my everydays' life.
I understand that some peoples will find it ridiculous for believing in Someone who has died 2000 years ago. What more absurd is that believing that He died on the cross for our sins? "Who asked him to do that? I don't need Him to die for me. I've no sin or whatsoever," people may think this way. I would agree with them if I haven't experience God's love for me and my family. He has been merciful to me and show me His great love & forgiveness. God gives His love freely to those who ask from Him. God forgives if you seek for forgiveness from Him.
Let me conclude my post with a prayer,
"Dear Jesus Christ, Thank you for showing Your Love to me. I pray that whoever read this will ponder upon your teaching and may the Holy Spirit speak to them right now. Lord, I do not know how you will make this happen but I believe in you. Let Your love filled their hearts. Bless the person who is reading this with abundant blessings. Bless his/her family, friends & love ones. Thank you, Lord Jesus. In Jesus most precious & powerful name I prayed, Amen."
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