Dinner with Friends on Friday Night

Last Friday, me and my friends had dinner at Tak Fook Restaurant, Bandar Sri Damansara (pls see map enclosed below). The food was so-so only but the dinner was enjoyable. It's been a long time since we had dinner together as a whole group.

Well, my group consists of nine incredible peoples from different backgrounds. We were all from the same secondary school, but wasn't that close that time. It was only after we graduated from secondary school, we've became close friends. Maybe this is what we called ‘Destiny’. It’s like an instant click: We had holidays together in states around Malaysia, we had yumcha session every week (it's lesser now, due to our incompatibility schedules, sometimes once every two weeks), we celebrates our birthdays together, we play, we laugh, we talk craps together. It’s so much fun hanging around them. I am so grateful to have them. It's hard to find a group like this in your working environment. Though' we may still find a bunch of great colleagues, but the experience is different. For my group of incredible friends, we have gone through our teenage years and young adults together. It's an indescribable experiences.

After dinner, we went to Midori CafĂ© at Cineleisure. It’s a great place to hang out if you are there. Besides the drinks and ice blended that we had, there are also food avaiable. What I really like about the place is the tables and chairs arrangement. The table is about my thigh height and the chair is around knee height. It's very comfortablea. And I love their pink ice cube shaped lamp. It's so cute.

Note: Sketch Map to Tak Fook Restaurant, Bandar Sri Damansara.
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