Cozy Wuzy AGP Quilt Is Here Again

Hello my beloved AGP members! It's time again to cuddle together-gether under our cozy wuzy AGP Quilt. :)

So, how have you guys been? I hope you guys are having a great & relaxing month. For me, I've been pretty busy myself with work and my friend's forthcoming wedding this coming saturday. I've even lost some weight which I am not proud of. ><

I would like to thank you all for joining AGP community. It is indeed growing in numbers and i am so happy to see all the pretty faces on this quilt. As you can see below (if you are in my main page, not post page), the quilt is hidden now. Just click on the button located at the below post to view/ hide the quilt. I've implemented this method to keep my main page short and faster loading. Hope you like it! :)

So, now, let's welcome the new members to AGP community!
Debbie from Internet Marketing BLOGBEEhive
Rhino from VSAT Satellite Community
Mamo from Math or Health!
Erich from Sportreporter
Jennifer from Make Money Work Online
Jon Claude from Niche
Get 101 Tips from Get101Tips dot com

[click on to view/ hide AGP Quilt]

ok, i hope i've not missed out anyone. If you are a member of A Great Pleasure Community at MyBlogLog, and you are not in this quilt, please let me know. I'll include you in here.

Happy Tuesday, peeps! ;)

Note: If there is any error in the links, please let me know immediately so that i could rectify it. Thanks.
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