Battle of the Blogs

Hooray!! I've Won! I've Won! celebrate

I've just won in my first battle in Battle of the Blogs (BotB)! For those who do not know, BotB is one of the games in BlogExplosion. You start by creating a challenge or accept a challenge from another blog. Then your blog and your opponent will be displayed on the BotB page for other members to vote. The end result will be based on 15 votes.

Thank you everyone who has supported me on this battle: Shemah, Roxy, Debbs, Haaziq and Twinks. I am so happy now! See! AGP is now ranking at #1620 with 2 scores. peace

Some of you might be surprise that I am still talking about my first battle where else you guys might have had 100 over of battles before. You see, when I first heard of BE, I eagerly submitted AGP for approval but was denied. That was in June 2007. About a year later, I tried BE again but after weeks of waiting, i still didn't get any response from them. So I submitted a ticket, that was in May 2008. I waited for months but still no reply from them. I told myself, "That's it, I am not going to put my hope in BE anymore". merajuk

Then something unexpected happened early this week. I've received a reply from Jeff of BE. Jeff told me he has just taken over the admin duties and is working through a large back log of blog approvals, support tickets, etc. He was really good to approve my blog without much delay. Thanks, Jeff!! senyum

So, if you're like me who has long given up hope on BE, please do not be despair. I am sure Jeff is working on it and will get in touch with you soon! wink

Now, please excuse me while I go for my second battle at BotB! Come vote for me, k! Happy Sunday, peeps! kiss

First Commentator

Congratulations, debbs! and thank you for all your comments love!!! :)
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