Harajuku Dolls : Sunset

Wish You Are Here...

Hello everyone! My name is Sunset. My creator, Jean, has named me after one the most beautiful phenomenon of sun. This phenomenon of sun happens daily when it disappears below western horizon as a result of the earth's rotation.

She thinks that everyone should admire me as they would admire a beautiful sunset. What do you think?

To vote for me, type: GS11531 and send to 28700. Each sms costs RM0.50.

Please drop me a comment if you have voted for me. Thanks, ya! *muaks*

For your info, If I got the most votes among the others Harajuku Dolls created by fellow nuffnangers, my creator will win a special price, exclusively sponsored by Hotlink.

[For fellow nuffnangers] if you want to join my creator in this contest, click here. Have fun Bling'ing your Harajuku Dolls! ;)

With lots of love,

Note from Jean: (This is to answer to Jan's question) Hotlink is having this Bling Your Harajuku Doll Contest at their website. Nuffnang thought participating in it would be great fun so they had a word with Hotlink about having the contest open to Nuffnangers and Hotlink was nice enough to sponsor an exclusive prize for Nuffnangers! So, fellow nuffnangers, you may login to your Blogger Control Panel for more information.

Lonely Hurts Offering Free Review

Dani from Lonely Hurts invited me to participate in his "get review my blog for free" campaign. All I have to do is to leave him 3 comments, and answer 4 simple questions. Then he will write a review on my blog for FREE.

I agreed to it (not because i wanted a review but) because of his personal invitation. How could I turn a lonely guy like him down? Simply no space in my heart to do so.. :)

From his blog title: Lonely Hurts, we could tell that it's about relationships and feelings thingy. Well, we are right! He writes about relationships and stuff that are emotionally and mentally connected to us. Do drop him a visit, you might find some of his articles useful to you! :)

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Your AGP Comfy Quilt

Hello my beloved friends at MBL,

Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday evening. As you all have known, I've been giving out linkies love to all members who join AGP community at MBL. Every 2 weeks, you'll see this comfy quilt post, and today, for the 3rd time, i'm spreading out this comfy quilt.

Before I go on, let's give a warm welcome to AGP new members:

Cathrina Jones
Franco Yong
Happy Hsien
Jazz Boy
Linda Angel
Mythical Jeff

Have A Great Week! ;)

Note: If there is any error, please let me know immediately so that i could rectify it. Thanks.

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