Migraine - A particular form of recurrent headache that often runs in families. According to the International Headache Society, migraine headache pain must have four of the following characteristics: one-sided, pulsating or throbbing, at least moderate if not severe, and worsened by ordinary daily activities such as climbing stairs or housework. In addition, the pain must be accompanied by either nausea or else sensitivity to light and noise. There must be no evidence of other disease and at least 4-5 attacks before a physician can be confident of the diagnosis.

Anyone who is close to me, knows very well that Headache is my friend. We've been friends since my secondary years, i think when i was 13 years old. I didn't know i was having migraine (I thought it was just severe headaches) until few years back and only starting to take it seriously now. I've just found out from the
ACHE web, that what I am having might be called "Migraine Equivalent".

Lately, I've been having headache very often, up to twice a day. Sometimes, i have to put myself to sleep because the pain is too great and it is causing me alot of discomforts: nausea & seeing white spots. Other times, i just take painkiller.

My mom told me that my dad had migraine too, as well as my aunts from my dad's. And she asked me to start curing it before it gets more severe. She leave me with two options:

  1. Take supplements, or
  2. Consult a doctor.
I think I'll go for option no.1.

Brownie & Her Poo

Yesterday (during lunch), while I was having chicken rice, i spotted a standing faeces on the floor. I was happily amazed by it. The first thought that came into my mind was I must capture this with my camera. As soon as i had the first thought, i realized i must get Brownie away from it. Brownie is known for her BIG FOOT STOMPING ON OWN POO. I quickly grabbed her and tied her by her cage. Then hastily took my Olympus camera and took what i thought is the best shot of the faeces (alone). I was feeling dissatisfaction as i viewed the photos on the 2 1/2" wide display screen. The photos looked dull. "Something is amiss," I thought to myself. Then as fast as the lightning, the idea just popped up. With a pair of steady hand, a digital camera & a determined heart, i snapped the perfect shot.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Peppermint

My brother just bought 2 packets from his holidays in Langkawi @ RM8.95/ packet. Me and my darling can't stop eating it. It is delicious!!

Mango Lemon Sorbet with Vodka

I've make mango lemon sorbet just last week. And the feedback i get from my darling's family were overwhelming. They love it & even asked me for more. Too bad, I've only make a tray then.

And to compensate for their "loss", I've made a big tray of mango lemon sorbet, this time with an additional kick: vodka.

160g sugar
3 1/2 cup water
1 kg mango (approx. 3 mangoes)
2 lemons
1 shot vodka (depending on your taste)
1. Dissolved sugar in boiling water. Keep (sugar syrup) aside to cooled.

2. Peel, cut mangoes into small cubes. Blend all mangoes to make mango puree. While blending, add in the lemon juice.

3. Pour sugar syrup into a big stainless steel tray/ plate. Combine with mango puree. Mix/ stir well.

4. Put tray in freezer for about 2 hours (time vary depending on the sizes of your tray. Check now & then to make sure you did not over freezed the mixture). The mixture should be approx. 40% frozen. By using a fork, stir the mixture.

5. Blend the mixture to get a smooth texture (like the sorbet). While blending, add in the vodka.

6. Put mixture into freezer again for about 1 1/2 hour. Before serving, let the sorbet to cool at room temperature for approx. 3-5 minutes.

personal tips: to get sweet mangoes, try the fruits/ vegetables shop at taipan, subang jaya. The one next to San Farncisco Restaurant. Mangoes around RM4-6/kg.


A Screwdriver is a cocktail made with orange juice and vodka created sometime before 1949. It is believed to have originated with American oil workers in Iran who drank vodka and orange juice and stirring it with their screwdrivers which they carried on their worn out pants.

If we replace the flat orange juice with carbonated orange like the F&N, we'll get another cocktail called Hi-Fi.

A little facts about these two ingredients...
Vodka is one of the world's most consumed distilled beverages and was introduced in 1894 by Alexander III (who cares?). It has 35% to 50% content of alcohol. Price ranging around RM60-70/ bottle of Absolut.

Orange is said to have originated from southeast Asia (India maybe.. or china) and is one of the main sources for Vitamin C (who doesn't know?). Price ranging around RM4-5/ packet of Marigold Peel Fresh.

My Opinion...
Both ingredients are easy to get & affordable. The soothing taste i get from this drink have made it my favourite cocktail.

1 oz or 28ml vodka (Absolut - Either Original or Lemon)
2 oz or 56ml orange juice (Marigold Peel Fresh)
3-5 cubes of ices

Put the ice cubes into a glass (highball glass, if u have). Pour vodka, followed by orange juice. Stir & Serve.

personal note: you may try replacing the peel fresh orange juice with F&N mango orange. It gives you a fizzy tangy mango & orange flavour simultaneously.

First "Ah Yi"

After becoming Ah Yi for 10 months, I've finally get my recognition today. I was having my mee siam when my niece whom my mom was carrying, came over to me. She wanted to eat as well and stretched her hands to me. I said "No, Call Yi-Yi first." She yelled at me. I repeated myself again. And she yelled again. Third time, i repeated myelf. Pause. Then she let out the most beautiful two words from her tiny little mouth, "Ah-Yi". I looked at my mom amazed. "She've called me?" I asked in disbelief. For a second, I doubted. Then, I realized that she had actually called me. I was overjoyed. I quickly grabbed her and give her a big hug. She had pronounced the two words correctly; Ah-Yi. It was the most precious two words in my life & I would never forget today.

note: Ah Yi means Aunt - younger sister of your mom.

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