Toaster Oven

It's been almost 3 months since i've shifted to my new home, yet i've never shown you guys how my new home looks like, except for that little sneak preview long ago. :)

So, today, I am going to show you guys a part of my home: The Kitchen!

Tadaa!!! So, what do you guys think? Actually we've chosen a black marble table top but they don't have it anymore. So, we have to use this common-looking table top. It still looks okay to us but of course, if we have the black table top, it'll look more elegant. :) There's a counter & two high chairs at the left side of my kitchen. It is for mini breakfast/ teas/ eatings whilst chit-chatting. :)

As you see, i have almost every appliances a kitchen needs: Oven, microwave, refrigerator, mixer, burner/ stove, water boiler, toaster and blender. Do you know what's missing? It's a small compact toaster oven. You may think why do i need a toaster oven when i already have an oven. It's because an oven consume alot of electricity, so it's not advisable to use an oven just to toast a small two-pieces of bread.

A toaster oven is alot smaller & convenient. Says, if you have two pastries that you'll like to reheat, what do you use? A microwave or toaster oven? I'll tell you the differences. If you use a microwave, your pastries will be hot but nothing else. But if you use a toaster oven, your pastries will be HOT and CRISPY! That's the difference!

And before i could decide which to buy, I read alot on toaster oven reviews to get myself in tune with the latest model and information. And it seems, this toaster oven should fit perfectly in my kitchen. :)

Can't Get Enough Of Her!

Weekend Snapshot

Whenever I am all drained out emotionally and/or physically, i turn to my sweetheart Chloe to cheer me up and restore back my fighting spirit. She never fail to do her job, and she's so good at it by just being herself. I wanted to show you guys what I meant. So here's some random picked photos of my stress-reliever: sweetheart Chloe to brighten up your days. I hope these photos are as good as seeing her in real person. Cheers! :)

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Chloe's Bedroom

My niece, sweetheart Chloe will be turning 2 years old this coming May 23rd. My sister and I were discussing whether is it time for her to have her own bedroom. Will she be ready to sleep alone? Right now, she's sleeping with my sister and brother-in-law. She can sleep throughout the whole night without making any noise, provided that she has a comfortable sleeping zone of her own.

She's really a princess whom can't withstand any hot weather. If you put her in a normal room-temperature room, she'll sweat like she has just done a 1km run. If you put her under hot sun, she'll complain non-stop, "Hot, hot". That's her, my sweetheart Chloe! So we make sure her comfortable sleeping zone must be an air-conditioned room.

My sister and I were having so much fun discussing about Chloe's soon-to-be bedroom. We surfed the net excitedly for Kids Bedroom furniture, Kids Desk and have a look at some Wooden Childrens Furniture. And look at our harvest! Aren't these furnitures adorable? :) We were thinking to buy her a vanity table as well, as a motivational gift for her newly learned "trick" - combing her own hair in front of mirror. We thought this vanity table will do perfectly. What do you guys think? :)

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The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Weekend Snapshot

Some times back, sweetpea tagged me on this meme: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To. I believed many of you are still holding on to your childhood memories. I am not excluded.
So if you ask me The Age That I Wish To Go Back To? I would say when I was 14-17 years old, during my high school. Reason is simple: I was an innocent little naive girl surrounded by wonderful friends and happy family.

With my friends from Christian Fellowship, SM Seafield.

With my best buddies friends from 5 Elok, SM Seafield. We had our colors name. Mine was Pinky. :D

With my classmates from 4 & 5 Elok, SM Seafield. We were together for a solid 2 years. It was a 2-years of mixed memories of laughters, joy, fun, love, struggles, exams, skipping classes, and procrastination. :)

**************Start copy***************

Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
Tag Mode: 5 bloggers
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid's life.
L'abeille wish to go back to any year but never return to age 28
Sweetpea wish to go back to, actually, just thinking about 17
Jean Chia wish to go back to 14 years old.
eastcoastlife wishes to go back to age 24 when she's in demand
Emila wish to go back to the age of 7 to live that precious moments again .
Rizal wish to go back to the age of 7 - 7 super wonders of my world.
Mangosteenskin wish to back to age 7 to chase back Macik Piut’s geese and dogs!
Mariuca wish to go back to age 14 to forget her current sorrows.

**************End copy***************

So, Marzie, Emila, Bobby, Sandy, and Lili, what age would you like to go back to?

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Office Furnitures

After 4 years of settling in this office, i think it is time for a change. It wasn't because my office looks very old but I was just thinking of giving my office a new look, that's mean buying new office furniture like office desks and office tables.

As I was browsing the internet for office desks, i stumbled upon this website which has all the office furnitures that i needed. It's a One-Stop online shopping website, so i thought. First, i look at their great range of price point office desks. It is said to be one of the best type of desk in UK, which comes with an 8-years guarantee. This range has been independently tested by FIRA for strength & stability (BS EN 527-2 & BS 4875-5 to level 4) so you can be certain they'll stand the test of time.

These desks has a 25mm thick desk top where as most similar desks have only 18mm thick tops. It has double upstand legs which reduces bowing meaning there are 2 vertical supports instead of one. Other than all those that I've mentioned it has a 2mm thick edging whereas most similarly priced desks have 0.6mm thick edging. I guessed these desks will fit perfectly well in my office, especially when it has my favorite "maple" color.

Next, i look at their special offers. I was quickly attracted to their Extra Large Executive Operator Chair. It has great comfy fabric which is just perfect for my fussy skin. Then, i look at their side table, premium bookcases and filing cabinets. It all has my "maple" color. My office is gonna look so cool! I think the next thing i should source for is a brand new carpet. :)

Friendship Meme

I am so happy! My best buddy Marzie has dedicated a Friendship Meme to me. She's really a sweetheart! I love ya, Marzie!

For this Friendship Meme, i would like to tag my great blog buddies:
Marzie - How many times do i have to tell u? You're the best of the best! I love ya!! *muaks*
Janice - The superb mom who's ever so caring and thoughtful!
Emila - The talented artist who's ever so humble & helpful.
Bobby - I'll never forget all that you've taught me. Thank you, Big Guy! *HUGZ*
Adrian - A generous guy with a great family who's always giving out awards.
Nick - A funny guy who's always with a lengthy post that never bored me. :)
LadyJava - Her sense of humor is above average and that makes her a great friend to hang around. :)
MenopausePrincess - Her pink blog first attracts me to know her more and i'm glad i did. She's indeed a great friend!
Sandman - An inspiring writer with an understanding heart.
NafaSG - A great group of peeps who's also nannies to my Ariel & Brownies. :)
FL Sam - Yummy~licious, my great partner-in-crime! Always out for good food! :)
Karen - My great friend with an inspiring blog.
Trinity - I love her blog! She's always so creative in her way to present a post. :)
Bobo - Adorable with attitude!
Kevin - my loyal blog buddy who has been with me from the start.
Winston - my funny blog buddy who's also a smart guy.
Abby - my new great blog buddy whom i wish to keep for the rest of my life. :)
Emmy - my sweet weekend snapshot buddy who's ever so sweet! :)
Randy - Admiring his spirit to keep fighting! Go, Randy! :)
Ratu Syura - Humble, Sweet & Lovely she is!
Jamilla - The most thoughtful girl on net! Im glad I knew her!
Sollee - my great blog buddy, always in tune with me & my blog! Love ya! :)
Stephanie - She's always so kind & helpful.
Pia - my great prayer partner, always there when i needed her. Thank you, Pia! :)
Joezul - great poetry he is, always so well in expressing himself.
Mr. Zubli - my greatest stress zapper! His cheerful & bubbly characters are always there to booze up my day! :)
Jerry - great artist with a great sense of humor expressed in his blog.
Nicole - my faithful friend who never turns me down.
MT - my honest blog buddy who's always so humble & thoughtful!
Mika - thank you for the html codes (translator)!
and Bro Bokjae - Great wisdom he has & Great friend he is.

Being a blogger completes my life by knowing you guys! Thank you for being my friend and i will truly cherish your friendship till the end of time! :)

Let’s see how huge this circle of friends can be. Add your link onto this Friendship Meme!

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A Great Pleasure
29. Add your link here

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Beautiful Sunset

Weekend Snapshot

Beautiful Sunset
Sunset view from my room.

Ever since I've shifted to my new home, I've been wanting to watch the sunset from my balcony, but I've always missed it. Yesterday, me & my darling were in time to enjoyed the sunset view from our room. Seeing the sun goes down and disappears below the horizon was indescribable. Love the peaceful scenery!

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Online Games

Online games can be so addictive! Both my darling & I was once a slave to online games. We would have our faces stuck to the monitor all day long, only excusing ourselves during meal time & nature calls. It's been awhile since we last could spend such quality times in online games. Playing games could really helps to relax ourselves. That's why we try to spend at least an hour a day on games despite our busy schedule. Here's a website called that i've just found. It offers plenty of online games. If you want, you might give it a try! :)

True Love Tag

Marzie has caught me in the right mood to do this True Love Tag! Having just celebrated my 7th anniversary days ago, and hearing the most magical love story of Marzie & her true love B, doing this tag is as easy as eating chocolate! :P hehe

Rules are simple: Answer & Pass!

*Copy the questions and answer them honestly.

1. What does true love mean to you?
True love sees not the appearance of one person but the inner beauty of that one person. True love can keep you company till the end of time.

2. How do you know you're really in love?
When you can imagine yourself growing old with that one person and you wanted it.

3. How many times in your life have you fallen in love?

4. Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?
No, You can’t fall out of true love just because you are mad.

5. Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing?
No but both are equally important. (I agreed with you, marzie!)

6. If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way?
No, I will love him even more and give him the best I could.

7. Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love?
Sure, you have your right to speak, but at the end, I’ll decide.

8. Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love?
Yes, but they were not appreciative enough. Somehow they just let things get into their love.

9. Would you give up something you want for someone you love?
Of course!!

10. If you truly love someone do you feel it should be unconditional?
Of course!! Definitely!!

I'm gonna pass the love to: Bobo, Nicole, Jo, Keeyit, MT, Raquel, Emmy, Winston, Suzie, Ratu Syura and Ladyjava.

Hope love will find its way to you guys! :)

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A New Family Member

Yes, my sister has finally gave birth yesterday noon to a healthy 51cm, 3.44kgs baby girl. Everytime I see babies, I had butterflies in my stomach! It's not because of fear or anxiety. It's because it's so amazing when you think of how this tiny little fragile creature can survive months inside someone's stomach! (No need explain to me, i know there are tubes inside the fetus connecting to baby and blah blah) It's just amazing! :)

She still haven't got a name yet and I am gonna need your help. Can you guys help me with a girl name? Preferably start with 'C' or 'F'. Thank you, guys! I am going to visit her again see ya!! :)

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The Talkative Chloe

Chloe will be turning 2 years old this coming May 2008. It's an amazing feeling to witness the process of her growing from an infant to a talkative toddler. She's so adorable & smart. I'd realized babies nowadays learn things very fast. They will listen to your words and watch your behaviour, and learn from it. That's why there's this saying,"Like Father Like Son". It's true!

Chloe has alot of "moves" that delighted us. One of her latest moves is talking on the handphone. I manage to record it this morning. Do you know what happen during my recording? My phone rang and that's why the recording was ended abruptly. It was from my mom's handphone, the one chloe was holding. "She called me!" i exclaimed excitedly. But of course, it's on accidentally. She doesn't know how to dial the number. But still, She's a smart baby! :) Go ahead and play the video.

So tell me, can you not laugh when you see a kid doing that? :)

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8 Things I Am Grateful Of

"How I wished I have alot of money to spend like this woman?" "How I wished I do not need to work and live a stress-free life?" "How I wished I have an understanding sister?" These are the complaints I will usually utter. I guess it's a norm for us to complain about the things that we don't have. But have you ever think about things that you have that you are grateful of?

Abby, the joyful mother of two wonderful kids has given me the opportunity to list down my top 8 Things I am Grateful Of. Thanks, Abby! :)

  1. God - I am grateful that I've came to know Jesus Christ when I was 13 yrs old. He has helped me all the way to be who I am now.
  2. Families - I am grateful that I have a loving families. (this includes my darling's family)
  3. Darling - I am grateful that I have an understanding, loving, supportive partner. Most of all, he accepts & respect & love me for who I am.
  4. Friends - I am grateful that I still have a bunch of friends whom I met during my high school. I wouldn't exchange anything for them. They are my precious! :)
  5. Blogger Friends - I am grateful to have known a bunch of wonderful bloggers in the net. I will treasure you guys for as long as I live! :) (if you think i am talking about you, then I am. Cause only my blogger friends will read my blog! Haha)
  6. Pets - I am grateful that I have Ariel & Brownie to keep us company. Best doggies ever! (even tho' sometimes they've been naughty)
  7. Dad - I am grateful for my Dad because He has given me the opportunity to study Fashion Design even tho' he was tight in budget at that time. I am grateful for all the things that my dad has done for my family. He is the greatest Dad!
  8. Myself - I am grateful that I have all my senses & body parts. (Even tho' I have a skeleton body. Ha-ha)
Now, may I pass this opportunity to these 8 bloggers: Adrian, Nick, Jerry, Trinity, NAFA, Jamilla, Lili and Randy.

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Happy Birthday, 38kia!

I went to Jerry's place this morning & just find out that he is celebrating his birthday at Phuket. So, here's to Jerry, the author of the incredibly entertaining 38kia & his 38blog:

Happy Birthday, 38kia! May all your dreams come true! :)

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Genie In A Bottle?

No, silly! It's Message in a Bottle! It's the easiest meme ever registered in A Great Pleasure Book of Record. A sweet girl named Rozella whom I have just met is the one who has tagged me on this meme.

It's easy enough! All you need to do is put your own message in the above picture. And then send it sailing off to your blogger friends. Be sure to let the one you've tagged that they've been tagged!

Here goes my message in a bottle. It'll gently sail to my lovely friends: Marzie, Janice, Emila, Bobby, Ladyjava, FL Sam, Bro Bokjae, Bobo, Syura (gal, i know you've done this but you are one of my lovely friends, i gotta let it sail to u. ;)) and Karen.

Love you guys! :)

[25 August 2008 - Update: You can submit your message in a bottle to Wavy at Message In A Bottle. She will then published your message on her blog, together with hundreds of others. My message there too, at #272. :)]

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Anniversary Dinner

As I was saying yesterday, we couldn't decide where to celebrate our 7th anniversary. So, guess what? We ended up eating both!

Yup, first we went to Sushi King and filled quarter of our stomach with our favourite japanese dishes: chuka chimni, sake, inari burger, tempura, and more chuka chimni. :)

Then we stroll around the shopping mall, giving ample time for our stomach to do some digestion before our "main" meal. We bought each others pressies. (You see, we both were busy lately and there's no time to buy pressies until yesterday. Pressies are not the main subject on our anniversary, Food is). He got me an earring and I got him a pen.

After buying each others pressies, we went to Eden Restaurant. It was my childhood restaurant. My family & I used to frequent Eden, the one near Atria when I was young. Unfortunately, they have closed down that Eden many years ago.

Now, they have it near my place. This was the first time my partner & I visited Eden@Subang Parade. The interior design of this fine dining restaurant was not to my expectation. Well, I admit, I compared this with the former one in Atria. But aren't the new one suppose to have some improvement? The furnitures were all in wooden medium brown color and the lightings were too bright. It doesn't look high-class. But other than that, I love Eden@Subang Parade. I love the ambiance: quiet and relaxing. I love their staffs: friendly & polite. I love their food: yummy & at reasonable price.

We started off with their recommended Tropical Storm [Inset: Above Left] and Espresso Blend [Inset: Above Right]. We loved the Tropical Storm. It has some lime flavor to it and it's simply refreshing! The Espresso Blend was just all-right.

For appetizer, we had Mini Nachos [Inset: Above] which was yummy. And for soups, I had a Chunky Oxtail Soup [Inset: Below Left], while my darling had a Lobster Bisque [Inset: Below Right]. Both soups were delicious. :)

For main course, I had an Amazing Mixed Grill [Inset: Left] - grilled chicken, steak & cheese sausage in black pepper sauce. I loved the steak & sauce ~ Yummy! My darling had a Kingdom of The Sea [Inset: Below Right] - baked lobster, fried fish fillets, calamari and scallops. We loved the lobster, calamari & scallops, everything except the fried fish fillets. The fish fillet were too soggy with oil from the deep frying, we thought.

And lastly for dessert, we had Eden's Mud Pie [Inset: Below] . To our disappointments, the mud pie sucks! I did not finish it. The mud pie has small pieces of ice in between of its fine ice-cream. Its like as tho' they have prepared the mud pie earlier (eg; scooped it out and decorated it) and put them in freezer. I was really looking forward to the mud pie but disappointment is what i get!However, our overall experience at Eden was still Good. The mud pie does not stop us from wanting to go there again. We will surely go there to try other dishes. :)

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