Last Minute Dinner

Have you ever been so clueless that you just stare blankly at something for a moment? I have! Sitting in my car parked in front of my neighbourhood supermarket, I stared blankly at my steering. I've ran out of idea what to cook for dinner. It's really frustrating when this happened; by hook or by crook, I must be able to come out with something. I sat there motionless for about 5 minutes before I could think of a dish. Sick of eating rice nor mee, i decided to make Pizza Bread. Hence, I got down from my car & bought the necessary ingredients.

Pizza Bread

Ingredients - for the chicken:
1 chicken fillet (sliced)
1 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp BBQ sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
a dash of pepper
1 clove garlic (chopped)
1/2 tbsp oil

Ingredients - for the sauce:
3 tbsp tomatoes puree
1 tomato (chopped)
1/2 green pepper (chopped)
2 cloves garlic (chopped)

Other ingredients:
1 small bowl pineapple (cut into small cubes - about 5mm by 5mm)
Few fish sticks with crab flavour [inset left]
Cheddar cheese in slice
Loaf of bread

1. Marinate chicken with the above ingredients for at least 1 hour (the longer the better). Stir fry the chicken under medium heat. Dish up.

2. For making the sauce: Saute garlic, put in tomato cubes and green pepper cubes. Stir till fragrant. Add in the tomato puree. Let it boiled. Dish up.

3. First, spread some butter onto the bread, followed by sauce. Then add in the chicken, fish sticks and pineapple cubes. Lastly neatly lay a slice of cheese on top, covering all your ingredients. Arrange the breads on rack and toast/ bake in oven under 200º for 8 minutes or until cheese turns partial brown. Serve hot.

Note: If your pineappple is sour, marinate with sugar.

My 8 Random Facts

I've just been tagged by Marzie on 8 Random Facts about me. According to the her, there are 3 simple rules to follow once a person been tagged.

The Rules
- Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
- Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged

Well, here are the 8 random facts about me:

1. I am a chinese.

2. I studied fashion designing but landed my career in an unfamiliar but interesting field (so i stayed on till now. Loved my job!).

3. I love chocolates.

4. I am a coffee addict! At least a cup per day.

5. My childhood favourite cartoon is Jem!

6. I got my first barbie doll when I was 9 years old.

7. I designed & built my own barbie house & other barbies' stuffs (bed, refrigerator,tv, etc..) using recycle materials (eg; pencil box, towel, cardboard,etc..) because my parents think that it was not a necessity.

8. I love cooking as well as eating good foods.

And I would like to tag the below 8 great peoples to share their random facts with us. Hope you'll have as much fun as I did! ;)

1. Sh'n
2. Allan Tan
3. Wolfbernz
4. Patricia Tan
5. eborg9
6. justagain
7. Suray
8. Nick Philips

Simple Dinner

Tonight, i've make a very simple dinner for my family : Angel Hair Chicken Bolognese, Salad and Sea Coconut Honey with Lemon for dessert.

I am not going to elaborate on the ingredients and process for making the bolognese. I am sure everyone knows how to make bolognese. All you need is a good tomato puree, in which i will recommend Prego. And the final step is to heat up [microwave] a slice of cheddar cheese on top of the angel hair and sauce. (So that we get the hot melted cheese on top of our serving)

Fresh Salad

Greenleaf Lettuce
1 zucchini
2 tomatoes

1. Cut all ingredients into your preferred sizes and mix in a salad bowl. Keep refrigerated until time to serve. Sauce: Thousand Island or Thai Chilli sauce

Note: If you are craving for sweet & spicy, try dipping with Thai Chilli sauce. We've tried and it's not bad.

Sea Cocounut Honey with Lemon
This is one of my favourite dessert.

1 can of sea coconut honey
1 lemon

1. Pour the whole can of sea coconut honey into a cocktail bowl. Add in approx. 1 1/2 can of water (use your sea coconut can as guide).

2. Cut off the top and bottom part of lemon and slice the body. Squeeze out the juice from the top and bottom lemon and dump the sliced lemon into the bowl. Serve cold.

Blog + Widget = Blidget

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Cheque Clearance in Half Day

Yes!!! Starting from August, Malaysians will not have to wait several days for cheques to clear anymore. Thanks to Bank Negara whom will be directing all banks to comply with the paperless Cheque Truncation and Conversion System (CTCS), cheques will be cleared within half day upon banking in either at a bank counter or self-service kiosk.

CTCS is expected to be in full operation by early next year.

I think this is a beneficial move to all Malaysians especially businesswoman like me ^^. However, i think everything will have their pro & con list. It is just whether more pros or more cons.
Pro: We get our payment faster. Con: We lose our money faster. ><

How does it works?
With it, the cheques are scanned and images are transmitted into a bank's system. Bank personnel will verify the cheques on computer terminals.

The images of the verified cheques will then be transmitted to Bank Negara, and they will be cleared within 12 hours, said Tan, who spoke at the Bank Tech Asia 2007 conference here.

"If the cheque is deposited after banking hours, it will be cleared by 2pm the next day."
Images of the cleared cheques will also be stored in a central image archive operated by Bank Negara.

Tan said the system is already being used in the United States.

Disclaimer: Sources from The Star Online. View full article here.

Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2007

This morning, Melvin, Aunt Janet, darling & I together with our doggies: Milky, Mint, Ariel & Brownie went to Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2007 at BU Park. When we reached there at about 8.40am, the crowd were already there. We have to parked our car at the roadside opposite the park instead of at the roadside by the park where we normally would be able to find a space. [Left] Registration booth managed by Purina. After registering our doggies, we went for a walk around the park, enjoying the dog-friendly environment. The crowd was big this time with lots of different breed of doggies.

After rounds of walking around the park, we stopped for a rest at the pavement side, where there are spaces to sit down comfortably. [Right] Resting comfortably in shadows of trees. We watched in enjoyment as doggies passes us by. We spotted two schnauzers with horse-cut and a number of doggies had colouring on their fur, some like a tattoo with shapes of stars and words. [Left] Begging me to carry her on my lap. It was a long rest, we sat there until 11.30am, time for us to collect our goodies bags which was a packet of Purina Snack. (We can only collect our goodie bag at 11.30am instead of upon registration as normally would. This is a smart move to make people stay longer.)

Note: All pictures were taken with 2.0mpx camera phone.

Steamed Fish With Chinese Wine Sauce

It is a worthwhile cooking process. This is one of my darling's favourite.

1 fish
5cm ginger (sliced)
2 stalks spring onion (cut into approx. 5cm length)

For Sauce (mixed all in a bowl):
5 tbsp soy sauce
2 1/2 chinese cooking wine
1 teaspoon sugar

For Garnish:
1 stalk spring onion (thinly sliced)
few stalks parsley

1. Steam the fish under a layer of spring onion and ginger for about 15-20 mins. (Spring onion and ginger can cast away the fishy smell)

2. Transfer the steamed fish to a new plate. Pour the sauce mixture onto the fish.

3. Heat approx. 4 tbsp oil and pour the hot oil onto the fish. Garnish with spring onion and parsley, and serve hot.

Note: When preparing spring onion and parsley for garnishing, soak the cut ingredients with water. This is for a better curling effect and to keep the freshness while waiting for the fish to cook.

Restaurant San San, Balakong

Located at Taman Putra Budiman, Balakong, this newly opened restaurant offer varieties of authentic Chinese cuisines. My favorites are their stewed chicken feet and pig stomach soup. Their prices are reasonable too. RM150* for a 13-persons-serving. However, prices vary according to dishes you order. Below slideshow show what my families & I have eaten that cost us RM150. Even tho’ it’s quite far (from my home in Subang), but I think it is worth the petrol & money spent. Yummy, yummy!!

Note: No photo of the stewed chicken feet. I forgot to take the picture because was too busy eating. ^^ According to the restaurant owner, more new dishes are coming soon.

Restaurant San San
Contact: Paul – 012-311 7683
Address: 45-1, Jalan Budiman 2/3, Taman Putra Budiman, 43200 Balakong.

* include drinks.

Steph's Cocktail Bag

Finally, I've completed her cocktail bag. It's partly hand sewn, partly machine sewn and partly using fabric glue. 100% hand made by me. Outer dimesion: 19.5cm x 4cm x 10.5cm.

Would you buy if this bag is for sales? Darling said at least this bag will cost RM100 because it's 100% handmade & custom made.

Drawstring Cocktail Bag

Chloe's First Haircut

Chloe's new haircut by me. What do you think? ^^

J E A N   C H I A © 2007

Chloe's New Haircut

I am a Member of...

Over the past months, I've been exploring the so-to-speak endless internet world. I've learned that I can earn some extra income through my blog by posting advertisements through (Thanks, Advertlets for the ad!) and . The more I explored, the more I found. Now, I am a member of the followings. All of these are great! Check it out and you might considering joining me! ^^

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OMG! OMG! I am suppose to be making steph's cocktail bag now.. What am i doing here?? Shit!! I've accidentally pushed the "Procrastinate" button. How to i undo this?? I am feeling so lazy now... Don't feel like moving my body away from this comfortable zone.

I hated to delay my schedule. Hated it!! I am figthing against my will now... Shit!! I think i should be really moving my ass now before i [accidentally] press the "Hibernate" button... >.<

Oh yeah, btw, i've just added the "My Recent" column at the right navigation. There are 2 new stuffs: Recent Comments by Blogger Templates and Recent Readers by MyBlogLog. You can add the same widget on your blog too. Just follow the link stated there.

Assam Curry Fish

Aunt Janet & Marcus joined us for dinner at my home. It was a last minute decision because Uncle Mike was out for dinner and Melvin & Steph were out, leaving both of them. Marcus called me when I was cooking, he asked us what are we having for dinner. I told him I am cooking and invited them over. With only 3 dishes serving, marcus "ta pau" 2 more dishes from restaurant.

I tried cooking Assam Curry Fish today. And it wasn't bad. All who eat gave good comments. ^^ I was happy because it was my first Assam Curry Fish.

Assam Curry Fish

Ingredients - Fish:
1 pc medium size of your preferred fish
5cm ginger (sliced)
2 stalks spring onion (cut into approx. 5cm long)
2 tbsp tamarind paste
100ml water
4 stalks polygonum a.k.a daun kesom (as shown in picture below)
1 wild ginger bud a.k.a bunga kantang (as shown in picture below)
2 tomatoes
400ml water
Ground ingredients:
3 tbsp chilli paste
1 tbsp curry powder
1 tbsp galangal
1stalk lemon grass (sliced) (as shown in picture below)
a pinch of stock granules
6 shallots
3 cloves garlic
2 candlenuts (as shown in picture below)

Preparing the ingredients:
- Mix tamarind paste with 100ml water and strained for juice.
- Cut the wild bud into half and chopped finely one half, leave aside the other half. (If this is the first time you are dealing with wild bud [like me], do not hesitate, the stalk cannot be used. Just throw it away.)
- Cut each tomato into 4 parts.
- Mix all ground ingredients into a mixture-like.
1. In a big plate, lay the spring onions and ginger as the base before putting your fish on top. Steam the fish for about 8 mins (depending on the thickness of your fish, mine is about 2.5cm). This step is to cast away the fishy smell. (You may skip this step if you are using white fish. I have to do this step because darling is very fussy about the fish smell)
2. Heat about 5 tbsp oil in wok, add in the ground ingredients, polygonum and one half of wild bud uncut.
3. Fry till fragrant. Add in the tamarind juice and 400ml water. Bring to boil and let it simmer for another 3 minutes.
4. Add in the fish and cook for another 3 minutes. Add salt to taste. Before serving, sprinkle the finely chopped wild bud on top.
Note: You may add in other vegetables as well, eg; brinjals, lady's fingers.

Red Eggs for the Birthday Girl

Today, my mom make 2 Red Eggs for Chloe girl. It's a chinese tradition/ custom to make red eggs for the birthday star. All the while, i thought we just rolled the hard boiled eggs into the red mixture. But mom told me that in order to make the red colour stayed on the egg shells (perfectly), vinegar must be added into the red mixture. (oh i see..)

Chloe girl is learning to walk now. She can stand on her own, the longer time so far is approx. 40 seconds. She can take first step, and only fall on second step. I am so proud of her. :))
She knows how to say "no more" and move her fingers indicating no more. She loves singing and can sing along with you. When i say sing along, i means baby mumblings.. She's a cheerful little girl, always laughing. She will laugh along with you when you laugh.
Time really flies, she's exactly a year old today. I love watching her grow and teaching her a new stuff everyday.

Cocktail Bag for Steph

Today, 23rd May 2007 is my sweetheart chloe's 1st birthday. She's very clever now. Getting smarter nowadays. Last saturday, my mom taught her how to blow candle. After first teaching only, she was able to remembered and was able to blow her 1st birthday cake during the party on Sunday (Will blog about the party when i get the pictures from my sis). And just now, my sis bought her a play mobile phone, chloe knows how to use it. She put it near her ear and mumble,"Hello". How smart! :D How i wish i could record it and show it to you all! (*sigh* am still without a camera).

Back to myself, I've just finished hand sewn the chiffon embroidery onto the fabric. Am making a cocktail bag for Steph, to go with the dress that i've make for her 2 months ago. Left: It's only the front piece. If all goes smoothly, i'll be able to complete the bag by this thursday. >.<

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Love Lives In The Heart

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A strong bonding doesn’t need daily conversations; doesn’t always need togetherness.
As long as love lives in the heart, true friendship never departs!

Note: The above quote is dedicated to all my friends... (u know who you are.. yes, it's you! ;))

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Disclaimer: The above graphic and divider are taken from Does not belong to me.

Nuffnang Malaysia

I've just joined the Nuffnang community as a blogger. is a blog advertising community launched on 27th Feb 2007. For more information, or to join & start earning extra income** like me, click here.

**I'll let you know when I've received my first payment from Nuffnang.

Saturday Night Outing

Yesterday was darling's auntie (Kuma) 60th Birthday. We had dinner with her at Gold Dragon Restaurant, PJ. There were 3 tables altogether and we had a Chinese 9 dishes meal.

  1. Fried Prawn balls & Stuffed Mussels with Sweet Sour sauce.
  2. Sharkfin soup
  3. Steamed Fish
  4. Fried BIG Prawn with Yummy sauce (Sweet & a liitle spicy)
  5. Fried rice with "Tau Zi" Fish
  6. Vegetables & Mushroom
  7. Salad Chicken
  8. Soya Milk with Sea Coconut
  9. Mochi

The dishes were all delicious. Had a pleasantly enjoyable dinner with darlings' families.

After dinner, me & darling went to Somo, Mont Kiara with a few of our friends. Had few jugs of beer, few bottles of sake. Me & darling tried two cocktails: Peachy Peach - a smooth peachy flavour & Winter Sonata - a mixture of sake. Both were smooth to taste. Wah Kor tried an Irish beer called Kilkenny. It was smoother than Heineken & creamier in texture. According to the diva there, when Kilkenny has cooled down in room temperature, it will taste like soya soy. That's why we have to drink while it's still cold.

The outing was fun & beneficial. We get to meet two new friends who worked there: Diva Vicky & Deputy Amrit. I get to had a little chat with my ex-schoolmate: Bee Lian whom I haven't got in touch ever since we graduated from high school.

Sweet Couple : A & C

Saturday, 19 May 2007

I woke up this morning at the sound of my incoming message. I checked my pda phone and saw a message from my guy friend: Ad, "Today free for dinner? My gf is coming to my place so i would like to intro her to u guys...". I was happy to know that he finally found his other half. Actually before this, he told me & martin about her. But he was still uncertain of how she feels towards him then. So, we just let things goes as it is.

So, we had make the appointment to meet up the new couple at Kopitiam, Taipan at 4pm. Me & martin reached there around 4.40pm. We thought we'll be extremely late but it turned out that we are not the latest. Ah Oh was there. And Joe had left the place because he had something to do, he can't wait any longer. Sorchai was there before but went to buy something. And the new couple were not there yet. 5-10 minutes after our arrival, Sh'n turned up. Was glad to see her because it's been approx. 2 months not seeing her. Haha... ah oh was extremely pissed off because he reached Kopitiam at 4pm and now everyone were there, the initiator was not there yet. But the fire was soon dozed off when they finally arrived at 5pm.

I had a strange feeling when I see Ad and his gf: Connie together. I felt a gush of joyfulness runs up my vein. It felt like as tho' my little boy has finally found his other half. Haha.. felt kinda like his mom. :P Anyway, we chit-chatted and Connie seems to be a sweet girl from Rawang. :) Am looking forward for more yumcha session with them again in near future. Congratulations, Ad!

Note: Can't wait to see who's next in our gang to introduce his gf to us.. :)

Chloe's Past Photos

My Sweetheart is going to be 1 year old this coming May 23. Her parents will be having a party for her tomorrow at McD's, Subang Parade. Here's a slideshow of chloe's past photos.

Not Too Bad After All

Me & darling went to Summit USJ on last wednesday hoping that we'll be able to get tickets for "Spiderman 3" 8.30pm show. Again, we were disappointed to found out that the good seats either had been reserved or purchased. What we have is only 3rd row from the screen which is too near for me. So, we had to cancelled our Wednesday movie. Darling was very disappointed because he had been wanted to watch "Spiderman 3" since the first release at cinema. (poor him!) What I can't believe is that, 2 weeks after the release, it is still selling like hot cakes.

After that, we walked around Summit. Initially it was just a friendly window shopping, but i ended up with a pump and a working shirt. The pump was a good deal. Normally a pump like this would cost me at least RM70/pair. But I've got this @ RM19.90. Without further consideration, i grabbed it from the shelf. Even my darling - my wardrobe controller agreed with my buying. :)

Fake Guava-Apple

REF: Post dated April 14 2007 with the subject of AppleGuava.

I was surprised to read the newspaper today that highlights what I've posted month ago. The AppleGuava fruit that I've been asking for your opinion whether its fake or real is proved to be fake. Sold openly in Cameron Highlands, this guava-apple hybrids was said to posed a potential health threat to people because of its artificial colouring.

For more details, please see full article.


Addicted! Like a drug addicts to drugs.
That's how i would describe myself right now. Everynight, for the past one week, i've been sitting in front of my laptop and digging the websites, weblogs, trying to find some interesting stuffs. I've found alot of great websites and interesting weblogs.

Today, I found a power tool that helps me keep track of my favourite blogs: Technorati. It also helps me to organize my posts in a formation called cloud tags. (Pls refer to my right navigation: under Label)

At first, i was quite clueless at what i've got myself into. I've no idea what Technorati is all about. Later, as i browsed through the contents, i see a clearer picture. I am using Technorati for its "Favourite Blogs - keep track" and "Blog Top Tag Widgets".

May i recommend you to use Technorati as well? In this way, i could keep track of your latest post through one website. (escpecially those in my Friends' Bloggies' list) Let me know once you've registered yourselves, ya! ;)


Hi all, I've designed a few blinkies about blogger (as shown below). Please feel free to use the below blinkies for your blogs or websites.

Terms & Conditions:-
1. You may not alter the html code.
2. Your blog/ website must not contain any offensive or illegal contents.

Mom is the Greatest

My mom is one of the greatest mom in the world. Her endless love & cares for my family are highly appreciated. No matter how tired she was, she will try to make our home as comfortable as possible. I really admire her efforts. Thank you, mom!

On this special day, my sis & I, together with my bro-in-law & Chloe brought my mom to Italiannies Restaurant, One Utama Shopping Centre. We had our lunch there. After lunch, we did some shopping for Chloe's party goodies at Jaya Jusco.
In the evening, I went to darling's house. (oh yeah, forgot to tell you. My darling is oversea for business.) I've bought a stem of blood red rose for auntie. Had my dinner at darling's house and hang around his house till 10.30pm.
Auntie Janet is also one of the greatest mom in the world. Her continuous supports, loves & cares were recognized among my darling's family. She'll make sure that everyone's daily needs are met. Even though she had stressess at work, but she's always joyful at home.
Again, I would like to wish all the mommies out there, a very "Happy Mother's Day!".

Happy Mother's Day

Hi all, especially to mommies,
'myspace 'myspace
Have a fabulous day with your loved ones!

My Sis's Evening Gown

"A promise made is a promise to be fulfilled", I reminded myself. Even though my heart felt heavy to help my sister to design and make an evening gown, I had to do it.

2 months ago, my sis saw the evening gown that i've made for Steph (Melvin's girlfriend). She loves it and DEMANDED that i do the same thing for her. I promised her that time because I don't want her to get jealous and I love practicing and putting my knowledge/skills into action. But as time goes by, i was busy with my work & life that i've forgotten about it until last tues. I remembered her saying that she needs the gown for a dinner on July 1. Realising that a promise made is a promise to be fulfilled, i called her up and set a day for sourcing of fabric.
Today, I went to SS2 with my sis for this reason. We went into 2 fabric shops but couldn't set our eyes on any of it. Not to waste any more time, I suggested that we have a look at Nagoya (Textile Shop), Carrefour Subang Jaya. With a mere hope of getting a good fabric, we went to Nagoya. We spent an hour ++ mixing and matching the fabrics. At last, we bought a flowery turqoise netting and a blue satin. Total buy: RM95. It was a "Good Shit" deal.
And now, I need to finish a cocktail bag for Steph before I could start drafting my sis's gown.

Glutinous Rice Balls in Soya Milk

Glutinous rice balls also known as Tangyuan is a common dessert among chinese community during special occasion like Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. It is usually boiled in a pot of ginger water and a few knots of pandan leave for flavour.

Some time around last week, my darling & I found a new dessert shop selling glutinous rice balls in soya milk. It is located next to Black Canyon Coffee, Ground Floor, Summit USJ. Why in Soya Milk? They explained in this board (above). There are few fillings for your appetite: Red Paste, Lotus, Chocolate and Coconut, Available in cold or hot serving. We tried the Lotus in cold soya milk. It was yummy. But the rice balls were quite sticky. It should be better with hot soya milk.

Project Runway Online

Hi, I've designed a few outfits at Project Runway website (sponsored by Saturn). To see my designs, simply click on one the below category. Remember to cast your vote for me! ;)

  1. Evening Wear
  2. Casual Wear
  3. Office Wear

Join the fun. Be a designer!

Heavy Supper

I was uploading some chloes' pics to the when i suddenly felt weak. And my stomach felt empty. Immediately i make my way to the kitchen and cooked a bowl of maggi mee with egg & vege. While enjoying my bowl of hot mee, i watched Oliver's Twist on channel 11, Astro. I love watching Jamie Oliver's show because of his spontaneous thinking and behaviour.

After finishing my bowl of maggi mee (not even a single drop of soup left), i still feel hungry. Upon opening my fridge, i spotted some leftover macaroni. I then make a simple macaroni snack with ketchup & cheese.

Now that i've finished my macaroni, i still feel hungry. But time does not permit me to eat anymore. I need to sleep now. It's a long day awaiting me tomorrow.

Great Websites

I've been so addicted to the world of internet that has been keeping me company these few nights. It's amazing how much you can learn and found in the websites. I've provided links to a few amazingly useful websites that I thought might be of interest to you all. You can find it at the bottom right-side navigation: Worth Visiting. Or as below.

Let me comment a short description for each of it:-

  1. : Search and add recipes or have unit converted...
  2. : Allows you to search, swap recipes, make your own virtual kitchen, make friends and create a blog...
  3. Miyamoto : All about sushi...
  4. : All about catholicism...
  5. Holy is the Lamb : Allows you to send e-cards, watch flash movies, search through bible...
  6. Song of Praise : Free midis, real audio, mp3...
  7. AnswerInGenesis : Find your answer about chirstianity here.
  8. Malaysia Veterinary Forum : A forum for vets, pet owners...
  9. : Fantastic site about dogs, useful information about dog's behaviour, etc... (Highly recommended for dog lovers)
  10. : Shop for dogs' products. Have very cute stuffs.

Internet ah-Longs

As i was browsing through the blogs at blogger, i bumped into this blog which is offering peoples at united states loans and cash advance. Their website sounded like our local ah-long, except that they are more hi-tech and do not decorate our walls, postbox or gates with stickers.

I followed a link in their blog and it lead me to a website with a form to fill up for applying loan or cash advance. I am not very sure what's their interest, i dare not click on the form. One particular sentence caught my attention: No Embarrassment, Strictly Confidential we are here to assist you get the money you need fast.

"OMG!!!" i exclaimed. Sooner, our local ah-longs will do the same thing too. Especially since the strict enforcement for compulsory registration for user of prepaid mobile line.

Doggies' events in May 2007

Attention to all dog lovers! There are two upcoming dog events in May 2007.
Anyone interested? Maybe we can meet there or go together. Let me know,k! ;)

Show: Dog Sporting Event

Date: 13 May 2007
Time: 7.30am to 1.30pm
Venue: Central Park, BU also known as 1U, BU Park (usual location for dog events)
For details, check out

Show: Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2007

Date: 27 May 2007
Time: 7.30am to 1.30pm
Venue: Central Park, BU also known as 1U, BU Park (usual location for dog events)
For details, check out

World's Largest Dog

Presenting to you, The World's Largest Dog!

Note: If my dog is as HUGE as this, I'll go bankrupt just feeding her.

Disclaimer: These photographs are not mine, and do not belong to me. Taken from an unknown source - forwarded mail.

Sowing & Growing

The Dead Sea is one of the most fascinating bodies of water on Earth. The water is so dense, due to the high mineral content, even a non swimmer can stay afloat. A human being can actually sit down in the water and read a newspaper without sinking. Bus tours of the area stop long enough for skeptical or adventurous tourists to take a dip. Problem is, when you come out of the water, nobody wants to sit next to you! The water reeks with a wretched smell.

Fed by Israel’s Jordan River, the Dead Sea has no outlet. All the fresh water flowing into it becomes stagnant. While it is interesting to look at and fascinating to study, the water is undrinkable, polluted, and putrid.
That is a good picture of a person who lives selfishly, who is a taker but not a giver. God did not create us to be a reservoir that only collects. He created us to be a river that’s constantly flowing. When we live self­ishly; always receiving, always taking but never giving, we become stag­nant and polluted. Putting it bluntly, our lives will start to stink. We’ll go around with a sour attitude; we’ll be no fun to be around, always ir­ritable and hard to get along with. And it’s all because nothing is flow­ing out of us. Yes, God wants to pour good things into your life, but it you want to live your best life now, you must learn to allow those good things to flow through you to others. As you do, your supply will be re­plenished and your life will maintain its freshness.
Stop hoarding what God has given you and start sharing it with others. Share your time, your energy, your friendships, your love, and your resources. If God has given you joy, share it with somebody else. Make someone else happy; cheer up another person; be a friend to somebody. If God has given you talent and the ability to make money, don’t simply accumulate more for yourself; share those resources with others. Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant. You must keep your river flowing. That’s the way to truly prosper in life and be happy.
“Joel, I have a lot of difficult issues in my life right now. When I get out of all these problems, then I’ll go out and help somebody else.”
You have it backward. Go help someone first, then God will begin to turn your situation around. Remember the fundamental principle: You must sow the seed first, then you will reap a harvest. If you want to get well, sow a seed by helping somebody else get well. If you want to be happy, help somebody else enjoy a little happiness. If you’re hav­ing financial difficulty, give some money to someone in need, help the poor, or sow a little extra in the church offering. You must plant some seed if you are hoping for a harvest!
When you go through difficult times, because of the stress it’s easy to focus only on your needs, on what’s wrong in your life. But if you want the best stress relief of all, get your mind off yourself and go help somebody else.
Something supernatural happens when we turn our at­tention away from our own needs to the needs of others. God’s super­natural power seems to be activated by unselfish gestures. When you have a problem, don’t concentrate on your need, think about what kind of seed you can sow to get you out of that problem.

Sow a Seed in Your Time of Need

Some first-century Christians were struggling to survive in the Greek town of Corinth. The Bible says, “The people were in deep poverty and deep trouble.” What did they do in their time of need? Did they com­plain and pout? Did they say, “God, why do we have so much trouble coming against us?” Not at all. The Scripture records, “In the midst of their great trouble, they stayed full of joy and they gave generously to others.” Notice they sowed a seed in their time of need. They knew if they would help to meet other people’s needs, God would meet theirs.
In your times of difficulty, do just what they did. Number one, stay full of joy. Number two, go out and sow a seed. Help someone else, and you will be helped.
If you lost your job, don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself, go volunteer someplace. Sow a seed while you’re waiting for that next door of opportunity to open. If you are believing for a better car, instead of complaining about the one you have, sow a seed by giving somebody a ride. If you are believing for your business to be blessed, help somebody else’s business to grow. Do something to get some seed in the ground.
I read about a woman who wanted to start a new business—a mo­bile pet grooming shop. She thought, I can’t really afford to advertise, but I need to groom some dogs if I’m going to get this business going. What kind of seed can I sow to bring in some clients? She decided to go down to her local SPCA dog shelter and groom the dogs for free so they would be more likely to be adopted. She did that month after month, and her business began to grow. Today, she has more clients than she can handle. Her business is so blessed, her customers have to book appointments three to four months in advance!
If you will sow an extraordinary seed, you will reap an extraordi­nary harvest. I’m sure when that woman first showed up at the SPCA wanting to groom the abandoned animals, people must have thought her a bit odd, or that she was an obsessed pet lover, but she didn’t care. She knew she had to get some seed in the ground, so she was aggressive. She put some action behind her prayers. She didn’t merely pray, “God, please prosper my new business.” She rose up in faith and sowed a seed in her time of need, and God supernaturally increased her.
You may say, “Joel, I sure wish God would do that for me.”
He can, but the question is: What seed are you putting in the ground? Are you giving God anything to work with? If not, start plan­ning and start planting!
The Bible says, “Give generously, for your gifts will return to you later. Divide your gifts among many, for in the days ahead you yourself may need much help.” Notice, God is giving us a principle here that will cause us to have our needs supplied during those tough times that occasionally come. Give generously right now, because in the future you may need some help.
Picture it this way: When you give, you are storing up God’s goodness and His favor so in your time of need, you’ll have a great harvest out of which God can “draw” to meet your need. You may not have any pressing needs today. That’s great! But don’t let that stop you from giving. You need to prepare for the future. When you do have a need, God will be right there to help you out. Giving is similar to taking a preventive medicine. You are storing up God’s goodness.
One fellow said to me, “Joel. I’ve given and given, but I don’t ever seem to reap a harvest. I’m always on the giving end, never on the re­ceiving end.”
“Even if you don’t see anything happening right now, don’t get dis­couraged,” I told him. “Don’t quit giving. You’ve got to understand that you are storing up God’s goodness, and God has promised that your generous gifts will come back to you. One day when you need them the most, they will be there to help you out.”
I mentioned earlier about my dad’s encounter with a young man who had been stranded at an airport in a foreign land. Daddy helped that young man by giving him some money to make his way back home. Daddy understood this principle of storing up God’s goodness, and he knew if he would help somebody’s child in their time of need, God would make sure that somebody would be there to help him and his children in a time of need.
A few years later we were in India, traveling by car. It was late at night, and we had been traveling for a couple of hours on our way back to the hotel when our car broke down. We were stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Although it was one or two o’clock in the morn­ing, a crowd quickly gathered. Before we knew it, we had about fifty or sixty people surrounding us and staring at us. It was a rather tense situation since American “tourists” in that section of India were not a common sight, nor a welcome one. Worse yet, we didn’t speak their language, so we were slightly nervous and concerned for our safety
Suddenly out of nowhere, we saw another car approaching, a large, luxury car, an especially unusual car for that part of India. We hadn’t seen another car the whole time we had been waiting. The driver spot­ted us along the side of the road and stopped. When he found out what was going on, he came over to us, and we were surprised that he spoke English. In a kind, gentle voice, he said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m going to take you where you need to go.”
We had never seen that man before, but we got in the car with him. He drove us all the way back to our hotel, a five-hour drive! When we arrived safely back at our hotel, we wanted to pay him for his time and trouble, but he wouldn’t hear of it.
I couldn’t help but think about that young man my dad had rescued in the airport a few years earlier. Daddy had made an investment; he had stored up God’s goodness. Daddy had sowed all those seeds. Now his generosity came back to him when he needed it.
God is keeping a record of every good deed you’ve ever done. He is keeping a record of every seed you’ve ever sown. You may think it went unnoticed, but God saw it. And in your time of need, He will make sure that somebody is there to help you. Your generous gifts will come back to you. God has seen every smile you’ve ever given to a hurting person. He’s observed every time you went out of the way to lend a helping hand. God has witnessed when you have given sacrificially, even giving money that perhaps you needed desperately for yourself or your family. God is keeping those records. Some people will tell you that it doesn’t make any difference whether you give or not, or that it doesn’t do any good. But don’t listen to those lies. God has promised that your generous gifts will come back to You. In your time of need, because of your generosity God will move heaven and earth to make sure you are taken care of.
One day I was thinking about all the seeds our church has sown down through the years. I don’t say it arrogantly, but the church has given an enormous amount of money to help hurting people. There’s no telling how many lives we’ve touched. Beyond that, for nearly half a century, Lakewood has been a lighthouse, not only to our own city, but beaming a message of hope and encouragement to people all over the world.
In June 2001, the Houston area was hammered by a tropical storm that resulted in devastating floodwaters covering much of the lower-lying parts of the city Lakewood Church was one of the few areas not underwater, and almost immediately, rescue workers began transport­ing people to the church as an emergency shelter. We had never planned to house hundreds of people on our church property nor were we set up to do so, but the need was there and the people were com­ing, so members of the church worked round the clock to accommo­date the crowds of people who had been forced out of their homes by the rapidly rising floodwaters.
A television network covering the flood did a “live” report from our parking lot, and during the course of the interview, the reporter asked a Lakewood staff person what we needed. “Food, clothing, blankets, and supplies,” the worker replied.
Within hours, all sorts of supplies began pouring into the church from members of our own congregation, and others around the city as well as the nation. As a result, we were able to feed, house, clothe, and take care of thousands of temporarily displaced people in our community. I’ll never forget seeing the cars and trucks lined up for miles bringing supplies, food, blankets, and all kinds of things to the church to he distributed to the uprooted families. We finally had to ask peo­ple to stop bringing supplies. We didn’t have any more room for them! The materials were piled all the way to the ceiling. For several weeks, our church’s main job was to serve the flood victims in our community. Later, we were able to help many of them rebuild their homes and get their lives back on track once again.
The spirit of our church has always been to give. Is it any wonder, then, that God was there for us in our time of need? All of our gifts, all of our generosity; all those seeds that we had sown down through the years had been stored up. And when we needed it the most, God just reached over and out of our own harvest. He met our needs.
When God reaches into your harvest, will there be anything there? Are you sowing any seeds of kindness? Are you keeping God first in your finances? Are you living to give, or are you living to get?
A skeptic once said to me, “Joel, it sounds to me like you’re saying that if 1 don’t give, and if I don’t ever do any good deeds, then God won’t ever meet my needs.”
“No, you must understand. God’s love is unconditional and His grace is unmerited favor,” I replied. “God gives us all many things that we don’t deserve, and could not possibly earn, no matter how many good deeds we do. But I am saying that our gifts, our acts of kindness, get God’s attention in a special way.”

Disclaimer: The above writing does not belong to me. Article taken from Your Best Life Now Study Guide: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential, by Joel Osteen.
Personal Note: Thanks, Joe for forwarding me this article at the right moment! It is truly amazing how God speaks to us through angels (whom I called my friends). May God Bless You! :)

Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

Yipee! My mom blood pressure reading has dropped. It is now 160/80. We are very happy with the result but we still need to take care of her eating.

Since the news made known to us, approx 2-3 weeks ago, we stopped mom from eating oily or salty food. And started to feed her with fish, lots of fruits and lots of vegetables. Me and martin have to accompany her with this diet as well for dinner. At least, our sacrifices were not in vain. She's quite obedient in the sense that she didn't eat what we told her not to eat; she can control her self/apetite very well. Good job, mom!

Marcus's Graduation Dinner

Congratulation, Marcus! To celebrate his graduation, we had a special dinner at home. Uncle made his famous BBQ pork ribs and BBQ chicken. Stephanie made salad with thousand island dressing and I made garlic bread. Yummy yummy...

Note: Anyone wanted to have the recipe for the BBQ pork ribs or chicken, please let me know. I'll get it for you. (Marcus is my darling's younger brother)

Sleptover at Tat's Place

Yesterday, we went out for dinner with Sorchai & Tat at Taipan. Tat ended our night outing abruptly, announcing he needs to go home because all his family members have gone out leaving his mom alone in the house. At first, he suggested that we all go to his house for rounds of mahjong. But since he's the one fetching us to his house, we decided to stay over at his place and he can fetch us home the next morning after breakfast. Sorchai did not follow because he cannot stay over. Me and martin have no objection since my elder brother was at home accompanying my mom.

At his place, we watched It's a Beaituful Life starring Ronald Cheng, Tony Leung and Teresa Mo. It is about Thunder (Ronald Cheng) who is a God came to earth to help a guy (whom Thunder has promised to solve all his problems when he[guy] was a young boy) to solve his worldly problems. As you can guess, with Ronald Cheng, it's a hilarious movie.


After movie, we played mahjong till 3.30am. During the entire time playing mahjong, I didn't really have mood. I was worried about my work, there's an urgent shipment to Cairo. I didn't have mood also because I've been losing from the very first game. Tho' my tiles were nice, but I couldn't finish it. Not like that day playing at my home, I managed to finish most of the time. At the end, my total lost is RM20++. *frownn* Luckily, at the beginning of the game we've agreed to divide the amount by 5, meaning I only have to pay around RM4++.

Went to bed at 4am and woke up at 8am this morning. Took this picture this morning at Tat's place while waiting for him to take bath. I looked quite pale, don't I?
Anyway, then had breakfast at Sin Kong Restaurant, Taipan with Tat & Sorchai before going home.

Fatman Steamboat: Best Baby Octopus

Selling varieties of lok lok in a van, this Fatman Steamboat has one of the best baby octopus we've ever tasted. One stick is adorned with three babies octopus, @ RM2/ stick. Other lok lok ranging from RM0.80 to RM2 per stick. Usually stationed next to Yat Wo Foodcourt, Taipan on Friday with a friendly talkative tall guy selling. But you can also find Fatman Steamboat with another shorter guy selling on other days in front of RHB bank. It is the same one but we preferred to go on Friday. (Maybe bacause we've made known to the tall guy, it's more fun to be teasing around with him while enjoying the piping hot lok lok)

Web Hoaxes and Pranks

Today, I received a forwarded mail from my client with the subject, "Fw: IF U hav time ....Pls.... Fwrd it...PLEASE". The content read as follows with attached photo:

"Dear All,
Alexandra came out of a rigging fire alive, but now has to fight for her life and a normal future.
She is 14 months old and she has burnt skin all over her body, damage facial bones (as a result of very high temperature).
She does not have half of her face. She is in hospital in Cracow - Poland and one of the best specialist is looking after her.
However she still has to go through many surgeries and then long rehab. Unfortunately her parents do not have any more money. Therefore we are asking for your help.
For each forwarded email her parents will get 3 cents.
Please help them..."
(Disclaimer: The content and photograph of the burned girl above are obtained from a forwarded mail. It does not belong to me.)
I am sure all of us have been receiving forwarded mails like this. I have too and all these while, i've ignored them. But this time, I nearly fall for it. Maybe it because it involved a life of a young little baby girl & the picture was convincing enough. As i was thinking to forward this mail, I asked my IT-colleague, whether are there such thing as the parents will get 3 cents if i forward the mail. He answered me without thinking long,"No. Mails that are forwarded are hard to be trace back. And who is gonna pay the parents?" I asked him again for confirmation,"Are you sure?" He gave me the same reply.
"Well, then"
, thus my intention to forward the mail was cancelled. And my time was saved from forwarding "rubbish". (Definition of rubbish: worthless material that is to be disposed of)
He is the most experienced person i know when it comes to IT stuffs. That is why, whatever I need a confirmation, i'll get it from him. I know I can trust his information. Later, he forwarded a link to me: The Top 25 Web Hoaxes and Pranks
Note: Thanks, Mike [Tee]! :)

Milky New Hair Style

Milky have been staying with his schnauzer cut for quite sometime already. Wanting to have a change, we decided to shave all his fur. Look at the his new style below. Tho' not as handsome as his previous style, he's still that good looking, right? ;)

Gifts from Bangkok

My sis & bro-in law had their post honeymoon to Bangkok last Friday. They returned back to KL on Monday night. Check out our harvest from their honeymoon: 2 strapless tops for me & 1 hawaii bermuda for darling.

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