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Congratulations, Jan! and thank you for your comments love! :)

The ABC Tag

I've just been tagged by Marzie on this ABC Tag. Come, and read along! :)

A. Attached or single?
Lovingly attached to M, my darling whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. :)

Best friend?
Definitely M! I used to have a few best friends during my high school. Strangely, as I grew older, I tend to be more secretive. I don't talk to my friends about my problems and only tell them what's the general changes around my life. I do keep my best friends as my true friends now because they are hard to find. :)

C. Cake or pie?
oh no!! I love both cakes and pies. Can I not choose?

D. Day of choice?
Like Nick & Marzie, I too love Friday because then comes the weekend.

Essential item?
Since now I am challenging myself to finish the books of gospel, i would say my essential item is my Bible. :)

F. Favorite color?
Of coz PINK!! But I also love Black, White, Red and Blue.

G. Gummy bears or worms?
oh, definitely gummy bears!!

H. Hometown?
Like Marzie, I am from Selangor too! :)

Favorite indulgence?
Oh my!!! I have so many and I can't recall any of it now. Oh no.. wait! how about my homemade Smooch Me Bar Ice-Cream. :)

J. January or July?
hmm...i think i will go for july, that's my darling's birthday month.

K. Kids?
No, not yet but we are planning to kids. :)

L. Life isn’t complete without?
God, my families and friends.

M. Marriage date?
Not married yet. How about our anniversary date? 31st March :)

N. Number of magazine subscriptions?

O. Oranges or apples?
Oranges especially mandarin oranges. :)

Well, i don't think i have any majorly known phobia but i goggled down the list and i think i fit perfectly well in Acerophobia - Fear of sourness and Astraphobia - Fear of thunder and lightning.

I collects love quotes and have even printed it out on A4 papers and bind it nicely together as a gift to my darling. It has approx. 1000++ love quotes. The book is about 5cm in thickness. :) Here's one that I absolutely adore: "A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous." ~Ingrid Bergmen

R. Reasons to smile?
God, M, families and friends.

Season of choice?
Of coz winter!! I love snow!! :) But if i were to choose a year long season, it would be spring where the weather is in between and the flowers were blooming! :)

T. Tag 5 people.
Juliana, Enchie, Maicel, Bonnie and UmmiRosa.

U. Unknown fact about me?
I can be very lazy and dirty at times, like not cleaning my bedroom and washing the laundry for days. ><

V. Vegetable?
Asparagus and lettuce.

W. Worst habit?

X. X-ray or ultrasound?

Y. Your favorite foods?
Japanese, Itallian, Western, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indian, Koreans and other yummy~licious foods. :)

Z. Zodiac sign?

ABC Tag Questions List
A. Attached or single?
B. Best friend?
C. Cake or pie?
D. Day of choice?
E. Essential item?
F. Favorite color?
G. Gummy bears or worms?
H. Hometown?
I. Favorite indulgence?
J. January or July?
K. Kids?
L. Life isn’t complete without?
M. Marriage date?
N. Number of magazine subscriptions?
O. Oranges or apples?
P. Phobias?
Q. Quotes?
R. Reasons to smile?
S. Season of choice?
T. Tag 5 people.
U. Unknown fact about me?
V. Vegetable?
W. Worst habit?
X. X-ray or ultrasound?
Y. Your favorite foods?
Z. Zodiac sign?
For your convenience, just copy and paste the above questions to your post and you can start answering them. Have fun! :)

Before I end this post, will you stay a little longer with me in the conversations below? Yes? Yay!! Thank you, peeps!! :)

If you're not a member of dNeero yet, click here to join.

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Congratulations, Marzie! and thank you for your comments love! :)

Chirstmas Cookie Recipes

...Christmas is about
sharing & giving...
I absolutely love Christmas! Not just because of the real meaning behind this meaningful day, but it's also because of the warm & joy that this season brings. To me, Christmas is about sharing & giving.

Every year, M's family would have an open house at their home. We would wake up early in the morning to prepare for this occasion. The ladies would be helping in the kitchen while the gentlemen would be doing the arrangement of tables & chairs. The atmosphere is so warmth and joyous. You will see us all making jokes and giggling or even laughing out loud as we do our own chores.

This year, I have something else up in my sleeve. I am planning to bake some christmas cookies. Some says that baking christmas cookies brings families and friends together with the warm goodness of cookies fresh from the oven. I totally agreed with this statement. That is why I am going to start baking christmas cookies from this year onwards. Before that, please excuse me while I search for christmas cookie recipes. :)

Happy Monday! :)

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Congratulations, Marzie dear! and thank you for your comments love! :)

Finally AGP Got Her Own Domain!!

Yay, finally AGP got her own domain!! After much talking and researching for a good webhosting and seeing Marzie just got her own domain too, I've finally decided to settle on GoDaddy. It's really a big step for me as I've to prepare myself to lose all my Techno ranking and hence my PR. But I am just so glad & happy that I've made this decision. Going on my own is so exciting!

Well, transfering isn't as complicated as i thought it would. It's pretty easy, actually! I would like to thank my best blogging friend, Marzie for helping & guiding me throughout the whole process. She was indeed my best blogging friend and certainly AGP's fave person. Thank you, marzie! Now, we can build our PR together-gether, rite? :)

Please Update!
"...It's '' now! So, just omit the '.blogspot' from my old url..."

Of course, there are followups to do now. I will need to plan this carefully and not missing anything. Next, I will inform all the programmes that I've joined about my shifting. And then update my MBL, FB, WS, FF and other social networkings i've joined. Oh, and next, i will need you guys to help me with this. Please update my url in your respective blogs. It's '' now! So, just omit the '.blogspot' from my old url. Thank you, peeps! Love ya! :)

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Congratulations, TH! and thank you for your comments love! :)

Blogging Best Friends Award

...among the
five that they have choosen. Thank you
mommyallehs & emmy...
I'm so happy to be awarded with this Blogging Best Friends Award from two of my wonderful blogger friends: Mommyallehs & Emmy. There are rules to abide to, and one of it is to pass this award to another five of your blogger friends in which four of them must be followers of your blog. It was such a great honor to be among the five that Mommyallehs and Ems have choosen. Thank you, Mommyallehs & Ems! Love both of ya ! :)

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award
2. 4 of them followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

Awardee: Marzie, Janice, Emila, LJ and Ummi.

Congratulations, dear! And hope our friendship will continue to blossom into a beautiful one. :) *Group Hugz*

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Congratulations, LJ! and thank you for your comments love! :)

Garden Chicken

M & I were craving for chicken on Wed night. So, we decided to bake a whole chicken. Not wanting to go through the hassle of frying vege, we put the potatoes & asparagus into the oven as well. Easy enough, one tray, all in! :)

1 whole chicken
3 tsp salt
1 tsp rosemary
1 tsp five-spice powder
2 tsp dried parsley
2 tsp black pepper
2 tsp sugar
3 cloves garlic (crushed and mashed with roughly a tsp of coarse salt)
1 lemon (zest & juice)
4-5 onions (skin peeled)
Olive oil

6 potatoes (cut cube)
Asparagus (skin peeled)

1 tbsp maltose (diluted with 1 tbsp of hot water)

Wash chicken thoroughly and drain in a colander for approx. 10 mins.

Rub chicken with salt, black pepper, rosemary, dried parsley, five-spice poweder, sugar, mashed garlic, lemon zest and lemon juice. Put chicken in a baking tray and add onion at the side. Drizzle generously with olive oil. Marinate for approx. 3-4 hours.

Tips: For marinating, divide ingredients into half for front & back chicken. Work with your hand and massage the ingredients onto chicken for better result.

Pre-boiled potatoes in salt water. Drain in colander for approx. 10 mins. Arrange your time so that when you've finished pre-boiling the potatoes, the chicken is ready for baking. Add potatoes onto the tray and sprinkle with salt & pepper. Drizzle with olive oil. Baked in oven for 80mins under 200°C.

Blanch asparagus in salt water. Drain in colander for approx. 5 mins. When the chicken is done with its 80 mins baking, add the asparagus to the tray and sprinkle with salt & pepper. Grease the surface of asparagus with butter. And grease the surface of chicken with diluted maltose. Baked for another 10mins under 180°C.

Tips: Maltose will give the skin a very crispy texture.

Tea Chats: This is the first time we've baked this chicken and it was yummy~licious. We've given it a name: Garden Chicken because it looks like a garden to us. :). Since this is baking and not grilling, there are sauce in the tray. So, don't bother making any sauce for this. :)

Happy Friday, peeps! Enjoy your weekend! :)

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Congratulations, Enchie! and thank you for your comments love! :)

Bono's Twitter Meme

Bono has invited me to join him in a new meme he invented. According to him, he read that it is possible to increase the traffic of your blog through Twitter. His concept is simple: Tweet the blog that link to you. In this way you drive more twitter followers and bring some of that traffic comes back to you via the link on that page.

This is not just a meme, but a contest as well. Read rule no.8 below, The HIGHEST twitter follower on November 24, 2008 will win USD10 and on December 1, 2008 will also win USD10 via paypal. Although I know that my chances to win this are slim, but since Bono has personally invited me to join him, I will give him my full support! :) So, Bono, here I am! :))


Here are the rules:

2. Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post the "Twitter List" at each site you add.
3. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE . I will add you to the master list.
4. Come back and copy the master list back to your site, often. This will allow the new comers to achieve equal benefit as the late comers do.
5. Register in Twitter and install twitter widget or twittercounter.
6. Go to the sites found on the list and follow their Twitter.
7. Folllow me as your friend in
8. The HIGHEST twitter follower on November 24, 2008 will win USD10 and on December 1, 2008 will also win USD10 via paypal.

Note: Your url will be deleted in the Master List if you do not comply to the given rules.


~Twitter List~
1. Bonoriau 2.Purplefrogcat 3.Shinade 4. Anything and Everything in Between 5.IndoContest 6.Momma Wannabe 7.Heartrandom 8. A Great Pleasure 9. YOU .


I would like to invite the following to join me & Bono in this great twitter adventure: Marzie, Emila, Janice, Bobby, LJ, FL Sam, Bro Bokjae, Shemah, Ratu Syura, Rozella, Nina, Metz, Sushi, Marvic, Manggis, Debbie, Haaziq - Bluecrystaldude, Bintang, TH, Nessa, Trinity, Vhiel, Vidst and Sabrina.

Come & join us, k! We'll be waiting! :)

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Congratulations, LJ! and thank you for your comments love! :)

Chats On Almost Anything

It has been quite some time since my last chat at dNeero. I've been waiting and waiting for new conversations from them for so long. When i saw Debbs posted up new conversations from dNeero, i did not hesitate to take it up.

If you're not a member of dNeero yet, click here to join. [Nick, are you still lingering on your thoughts to join? :)]

A Yo-Yo Holiday

Sports Clothing - Where? When?

Yes, we did!

Zoo - You're the animals!

ok, that's it! Hope you peeps had fun doing these conversations. Happy Wednesday! :)

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Congratulations, Bono! and thank you for your comments love! :)

Debbie's Crafty Heart

I used to spend alot of time making greeting cards for my families & friends. But my interest fades away as i grow older. It seems like I just couldn't find that much time anymore now.

Making a gift for someone you love could really light up someone's heart. It shows your sincerity & determination. So for this coming Christmas, i think i might just do something for my friends. That's why I am taking the pledge to buy or make handmade this season, and hope you guys will do the same too! :)

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

At this time, Debbie's Crafty Heart Online Store comes in real handy. In there, you can find lots of lovely & cute ribbons, embellishments, flowers and other craft items you may need. The pricing are reasonable too! :)

If you are not into making handy crafts, how about winning a handy craft? This lovely container was made by none other than the owner of Crafty Heart, Debbie herself.

It's actually a Lady's Choice mayonnaise jar, thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with hot water to remove its label. So it's clean, don't worry! :) What's in the jar, you ask? Lots of scrapbooking/cardmaking goodies, of course! There are a few packs of silk flowers, just like the ones I'm selling on my store. There are other embellishments such as metal flowers and butterflies, and two packs of assorted brads! I've decorated the jar with ribbons and Sticko Vellum Hearts stickers. The whole jar is worth no less than RM20! :)

How To Win:
Just tell me why you want to win this jar in the comment section.
The winner will be picked via The winner will be announced on Monday, 1st December 2008.

Let's say YES to handmade, shall we! :)

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Congratulations, Jan! and thank you for your comments love! :)

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