The Breast Cancer Site

I found this website last week and I thought i wanted to let u guys know about it when i am free to do a post this weekend. But this morning, I received an email from the Breast Cancer Site Team saying that we have only 3 days left to fund the free mammograms. That's why i need to act fast.

It's only 3 days left & we're 78% to goal! If The Breast CancerSite receives 6 million clicks on the "Fund Free Mammograms" button in June our premier sponsor will give $20,000 to helpwomen in need of a mammography screening, one of the best methods to detect breast cancer.

HELP MAKE JUNE SURVIVOR MONTH! Make your free click now.

You can also help to spread the words by sending e-cards.

Quick, click, click! This is the time we show them what is Bloggers' POwer!

Right Click Function

If any of you notice before this, that, i disabled the right-click function in my blog, just to prevent any of my images/ photos being copied. But after reading an article : Should Links Open In New Windows by Darren Rowse, I've decided to remove it. As a blogger myself, i have a habit of opening new links in a new tab by right clicking the link and select my option. Sometimes when i came across a website which has disabled Right-Click, i felt frustrated. Vice versa, i hope my readers/ friends could enjoy fully in my blog and not cursing the author for disabling the right-click.

Now my blog is clickable, left or right! Except for those title headers at the sidebar. ^^

StarCeleb - Your Road to Stardom!

Have you ever dream of becoming a star celebrity - being able to host, be a brand ambassador or even a model? If you think you have the talent, charm, personality, style and X-factor to be the next star celebrity, Doubt no more! Here's your chance to find out and make your dream a reality!

Come join Daniel Tan & May Wan as they host a new reality show called StarCeleb - Your Road to Stardom! They are searching for two talented individuals who are ready to become a star celebrity. Contestants will undergo an audition process. Only 60 fortunate contestants will be selected to take part in the contest and be featured on television in this brand new reality show.

General Information:

Contestants' Elgibilty
- Malaysian, single, male or female between the ages 18-30;
- Must be able to read & converse in English or Mandarin.

- RM50,000 cash (2 winners each receiving RM25,000)
- One year hosting/ modelling contract.

Audition Details
Date: 23, 24, 30 June & 1 July
Time: 10am till 5pm
Venue: Parkroyal Hotel, Level 2 Catleya Rooms, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL.

Please visit StarCeleb official website for more details.

So, what are you waiting for? Quick, register online now!!! (for priority queue)

Let me know if you are joining, i'll be sure to keep track of your progress on ntv7! ;)

Just in case you have no idea how to get to Parkroyal Hotel, here's a map that i found in the net. Don't get lost, and be puntual! Oh yeah, remember to bring along your MyKad (new IC) and one recent colour photo to the audition. All the Best!! :)

A Great Pleasure so-called Achievements

For the past 2 weeks, i've been getting lots of positive responses at A Great Pleasure. It started with being awarded The Thinking Blogger Award by Marzie and at the same time getting great reviews about A Great Pleasure by Marzie [again :) ] and Hfadzli. And later on, getting interviewed at by Merkal. All of these have given me much encouragements to keep on blogging. And also not forgetting those comments i received, thank you all for your supports!

Marzie have been giving me a lot of supports in terms of visiting my blog and teaching me the viral tag and icons thingy. She's a great coach and a great friend. From her beautiful writting at Mariuca, i can tell that she's a smart charming lady. And this have been confirmed in the interview she had with Woman: God's Masterpiece. [Blog Insider: Mariuca]

Talking about Woman: God's Masterpiece, behind this marvellous blog are two handsome men, Bobby & John who knows how to make us women smile all day long. Their sincere appreciation and admiration towards women are boldly shown in WGM. I've known Bobby from MyBlogLog, he's defintely a smart and friendly guy. Visit WGM and you'll know that i am telling the truth.

Hfadzli who has done a mini review on A Great Pleasure is a Malaysian blogger too. His blog Money Maker Spot is straight to the point with its description 'Get Rich or Die Trying'. He's a generous guy who loves sharing his online experiences on how to make money online and monetize your blog.

Merkal is from Istanbul, a city where two continents meet. That is why he named his blog Let's meet where the continents meet! which is everything about Istanbul and a little of his random thoughts.

I am glad that I took the first step to blog in A Great Pleasure. It's really a great pleasure to interact with peoples around the world and at the same time to learn from each others.

Father's Day at Agefuku

Yup, we went to Agefuku Restaurant on Father's Day. Since Uncle Mike (darling's dad) love japanese food, we decided to treat him a dinner at Agefuku. Uncle Mike, Aunt Janet, Marcus, Melvin, Steph, my mom as well as me and darling were those who went for the dinner. We reached there at 7.30pm, and the restaurant were already packed. Blessedly, I've make a reservation earlier on that day, so there's no waiting required.

All of us ordered the Set Dinner: 3 Teriyaki Chicken Zen, 1 Grilled Salmon Zen, 2 Fried Prawns Zen, 1 Grilled Unagi Zen and 1 Agefuku Specialty. This time, the teriyaki chicken was delicious, unlike my previous visit, it tasted more like mammith chicken. Check out my Agefuku Specialty [Inset Right]. The rice was compressed into a fan-like shaped. I like the springy stuff on the top left box, which has been mixed with wasabi. Was delicious. I can't figure out what was it. Steph said it tasted like chicken skin. Hmm.. i am not quite sure. But the texture was springy.

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New Japanese Restaurant in Subang: Agefuku

My [another] 8 Random Facts

I've just been tagged again. This time, by a pretty lady called Diamond from A Day In The Zone. So, here there are. Oh, but first, please abide to the rules.

The Rules
- Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
- Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged

Ok, here are the 8 random facts about me:

1. My Surname Chia means "Thank you" in chinese.
2. Besides being chocolate & coffee addicts, I am also a Blogger Addicts now.
3. I dislikes bittergourd.
4. My nickname is 'chuchu', means pig because I was a chubby adorable little girl.
5. I fight against my own body to gain weight since late primary years but all efforts were in vain. No matter how much I eat, I was and am still underweight. So, I stopped torturing myself & eat when I want to and how I want it. Now I weight at 43kgs, after meal at 44.5kgs. :)
6. I loves boxing.
7. I am a fan of Oliver Kahn from Bayern Munich/ Germany. I nearly burst into tears after the FIFA match in 2002.
8. I always had nose bleeding as a child due to my heaty body.

And now, I would like to tag the below 8 great peoples which I've met in A Great Pleasure community. Please post your 8 random facts in my comment box as well as in your own blog. Have fun! Thanks!

1. Bobby at Revellian
2. Zubli at Who Is Zubli Zainordin
3. Sam at Simple Life
4. BoboBimbo at d bImBo WiF D tWiSt
5. SilentSurfur at All in One
6. Anniepooh at The Rest Of Me
7. FBHarto at The Secret 2.5
8. Markk at The Next Post

How to Add A New Viral Icon into Your Matrix

Due to the complication in adding the new viral icons, which i believed face by many of us, I've decided to put up a mini tutorial on "How to Add a New Viral Icon into Your Matrix?" Before i start, i would like to give the credit to Marzie, for teaching me on how to find the host icon's url. Thank you again, Marzie! :)

"How to Add a New Viral Icon into Your Matrix?"

Go to your post in 'Edit Posts', click on 'Edit HTML'. Scroll down to the first available icon (as circled below).
All you need to do is replace the html code as below:
a. with 'Blog url add',
b. YOUR KEYWORDS HERE with 'Bloggers' keywords', and
c. with 'Host icon's url'.

How to identified a, b & c?

a. 'Blog url add'; (eg: - You can easily find this at their blog.

b. 'Bloggers' keywords'; (eg: A Great Pleasure) - Move your mouse over to the host icon, stay still until the keywords appear.

c. 'Host icon's url'; (eg: - Right click on the host icon, click on 'Properties'. You will be able to see the url add as circled below in second diagram.

I hope this is easy digested by all. If you still do not understand, please let me know.

Hot & Roll, Summit USJ

Went to Summit USJ last Saturday to get my pda fixed, instead I got my appetite fixed. This little stall in front of McDonald's at Summit USJ sells two types of wraps: 1) paratha (similar with roti canai dough) and 2) crispy. You can choose your own filling from two categories, either sweet or savoury.

One paratha @ RM3.50, while one crispy @ RM4.50. We bought two parathas, mine with [Inset Right] chicken & cheese fillings & darling's with [Inset Left] pizza fillings. For now, Hot & Roll are having promotion, (i am not sure until when), 2 parathas @ RM6.00. It is worth the price.
They used mozarella cheese for my paratha.. [imagine biting the crispy skin and then sinking your teeth into the soft dough, followed by melted mozarella cheese and slices of chicken... yummy...] and also darling's pizza fillings. Please note that for some fillings, they use cheddar cheese instead of mozarella.

Warehouse Stock Clearance

Disclaimer: A Great Pleasure and its author is not related to Kao Malaysia Sdn Bhd in any way. I've received this from my friend via email. And this is for sharing purposes only.

A Great Pleasure was denied by BlogExplosion

Weeks ago, i submitted my blog at BlogExplosion. Today, I received an email from them, saying my site was denied due to excessive advertising. Do you really think that there's too much of advertisements in my blog? I wanted to blog as well as earning some extra money out of it. But if these advertisements are somewhat annoying to you all, please let me know.

Fyi, I've let go of my submission at BlogExplosion. I am not removing these advertisements just to be listed. However, I do respect BlogExplosion, no hard feeling. "Every family has their own rules".

Awards Room: 2007

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JUNE 2007

Thinking Blog Award from Marzie
awarded by Marzie

JULY 2007

Schmooze Award from Jan
awarded by Janice Ng

Rocking Girl Blogger Award from Marzie
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Schmooze Award from Bro Bokjae
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Schmooze Award from Mr.Zubli
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Rocking Girl Blogger Award from Winston
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Thoughful Blogger Award from Marzie
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KIM AWARD from Sandman
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awarded by MakeTraffic

I Love Your Blog! from Winston
awarded by Winston

Cappucino from Jan
A gift from Janice Ng

'Say No Evil' Certificate from Karen
Certification from Say No Evil Bootcamp (Karen)

Say No Evil Boot Camp from Karen
A Gift from Karen

awarded by NAFA


I Love Your Blog! from MT
awarded by MakeTraffic

I Love Your Blog! from Marzie
awarded by Marzie

You Make Me Smile from Marzie
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You Make Me Smile from Janice
awarded by Janice

Blogging Star from Marzie
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Totally Fabulous from Adrian
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Prison Break Out from Adrian
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Outstanding New Blog from Trinity
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Egel Nest from Snippets
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Superstar Award from Marzie
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Community Blogger Award from Adrian
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Blogging That Hits the Mark Award from Adrian
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Blogging That Hits the Mark Award from Bro Bokjae
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Beautiful Site Award from Marzie
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Personal Friendship Award
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Best Friends Award
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Sexy Blogger Award
awarded by Trinity

Blog of The Month Award
awarded by Pia

Be The Blog Award
awarded by FL Sam


Christmas Spirit Award
awarded by Abby

Thank you, ALL!! I will appreciate each & every one of these awards!! :)

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