First "Ah Yi"

After becoming Ah Yi for 10 months, I've finally get my recognition today. I was having my mee siam when my niece whom my mom was carrying, came over to me. She wanted to eat as well and stretched her hands to me. I said "No, Call Yi-Yi first." She yelled at me. I repeated myself again. And she yelled again. Third time, i repeated myelf. Pause. Then she let out the most beautiful two words from her tiny little mouth, "Ah-Yi". I looked at my mom amazed. "She've called me?" I asked in disbelief. For a second, I doubted. Then, I realized that she had actually called me. I was overjoyed. I quickly grabbed her and give her a big hug. She had pronounced the two words correctly; Ah-Yi. It was the most precious two words in my life & I would never forget today.

note: Ah Yi means Aunt - younger sister of your mom.
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