I was browsing the net for free online photo albumame across this website called Bravenet, which offers a lot of free web tools and one of it is photo album. I registered at the thought of getting the online photo album, but discarded the thought once I've found out about the layout. It is not because it was not nice, just that what I've expected is much more than that. I wanted something like the friendster photo album's layout. Anyway, out of boredom i explored its free web tools, and found a lot of interesting tools which i've stuffed into my blog. Check it out: New Poll, Hit Counter, Today in History and Tell a Friend to Visit.
Do you know of any reliable FREE online photo album?

Actually, was supposed to meet up with my friend tonight but she had to stay back at last minute. We can't seem to fit into each others schedule. I think this is the 6th time we have to cancelled our yumcha. It is always either me or she can't make it. Is God testing our sincerity? :P *sigh* Well, hope we can meet up soon cause we really have alot to catch up!
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