A Groovy Hectic Sunday

I woke up early on Sunday morning at 6.30am because I have to fetch my darling back to his home for the Qing Beng Festival. I did not follow him because I've planned to go to the market with my mom to buy chicken feet (I wanted to make stewed chicken feet). I reached home around 7am after fetching my darling. My mom said she needed to sleep for a while more. I waited for her whilst surfing the net. Time passed by and my mom finally woke up at 8.15am. We've to cancel the market trip because by the time we reach market, the chicken feet have all ranaway. Instead we decided to go Giant Hypermarket. While preparing my shopping list, I enjoyed my cup of white coffee sip by sip. It was really relaxing! I planned a scrupmtious sunday dinner: Grill BBQ Chicken with baked mash potatoes & coleslaw and Soya Bean Jelly with longan.

However later on, mom have to discard the plan to go Giant because Chloe girl was here at 10am. Sis will be bringing my mom for hi-tea at 12.45pm. I have to go to Giant alone. With the desire to buy chicken feet and ingredients for dinner, I headed to Giant around 1.15pm. There was no chicken feet avaiable. (Guessed I have to postpone my thought). After about an hour at Giant, I went to fetch darling from his house. We reached home around 2.35pm. I started preparing the dinner right away.

Grill BBQ Chicken with baked mash potatoes & coleslaw

Ingredients (Chicken):
6 pcs chicken (best to use ribs & breast chicken)
1/2 cup mustard
1 cup BBQ sauce
1/2 cup honey

1. Rub salts on the chicken, front & back. Leave for 10 mins. Add in the mustard, BBQ sauce & honey. Combine well. Cover up the chicken with a strecth film in a bowl and keep refrigerated overnight. (I did not keep overnight because of time constraint. It is best to keep overnight for optimum taste)

2. Preheat oven to 180°. Grill chicken for 12-15 mins one side & the other side 5 mins.

Ingredients (B.mashed potatoes):
3 russet potatoes
1/2 cup milk
2 cm width butter
6 slices of cheddar cheese

1. Peel 2 potatoes & leave 1 unpeeled. Boil till soft. Mashed it.

2. In another small pot, bring milk to boil. Add in butter. Off heat

3. Pour the milk mixture into the mashed potatoes and combine well. Scoop & arrange the mashed potatoes into a tray leaving about 5cm thickness. Arrange slices of cheddar chesse on top & baked till cheese turn brown.

Ingredients (coleslaw):
1/2 ball of cabbage (shredded)
1 carrot(shredded)
1/2 onion (very finely chopped)
1 tsp white vinegar
2 tsp oil
3 tbsp mayonaise (full tablespoon)
3 tbsp sugar
A pinch of salt to taste

1. Add in all the ingredients together in a large bowl & mix well. Refregirated until time to serve.

Soya Bean Jelly with Longan

1 packet Jelly Crystal Powder
500ml Soya Bean
600ml water
4 knotted pandan leaves
100g castor sugar (depending on the sweetness of the soya bean)
10g citric acid/ lemon juice
1 can longan
1. Add in sugar, jelly powder, pandan leaves, citric acid & water into a pot. Constantly stirring till boil.
2. Add in soya bean and stir for a few seconds. Off the heat.
3. Prepare your containers/ tray/ cup with longan at the base. Scoop the soya bean mixture into each containers. Add in longan on top (optional).
Serving: approx. 12 containers (pls refer to my picture. The container is not fully filled)

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