High Blood Pressure

My mom was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Her reading is 180/90. Doctor said this is seriously high. And asked us not to treat it lightly. Actual words he said, "Don't play play!". Normal reading should be less than 130/85. There is no symptom for this sickess. That's why is is often termed as "The Silent Killer". High blood pressure damages your blood vessels. This in turn raises your risk of stroke, kidney failure, heart disease and heart attack.

However, if you have diagnosed with this sickness (like my mom), there are ways to treat or lower down your blood pressure:-

  1. Exersice regularly,
  2. Eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables (Doctor advised mom to take lots of starfruits & celery),
  3. Consume less sodium (salt) & fat
  4. Avoid dairy products
  5. Free yourself from stress (Stress may affect blood pressure)
  6. Quit smoking / Limit alcohol intakes
  7. Medication (only under doctor's prescription)

I hope by following the above, my mom will be able to lower down her blood pressure and maintain it at a healthy level.

So, to you all who's reading, please take care of your loved ones. Go for medical check-up at least once a year. Early detection is better than nothing.

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