Lost of Our First Gadget Shared

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we've lost our first gadget shared; Olympus AZ-1 camera. She was our precious. Have bought her from Foto-zoom, Summit in year 2004.
When I first know about her lost, I was very upset and I nearly cried when I passed the message to my darling. He too, like me, was very upset. *sigh* We were very heart ached. However, being optimistic as we usually are, we've over the gloomy clouds.
There is a chinese saying; "Kau geh mm hui, san geh dim lei" (old ones don't go, new ones how to come). Thus, we are planning to buy a new camera; Sony Cyber-Shot DSC T-100, but we are struggling to get $$$. Anyone want to donate? Please drop me a comment. Any other recommendation and please specify its pro & con.

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