Glutinous Rice Balls in Soya Milk

Glutinous rice balls also known as Tangyuan is a common dessert among chinese community during special occasion like Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. It is usually boiled in a pot of ginger water and a few knots of pandan leave for flavour.

Some time around last week, my darling & I found a new dessert shop selling glutinous rice balls in soya milk. It is located next to Black Canyon Coffee, Ground Floor, Summit USJ. Why in Soya Milk? They explained in this board (above). There are few fillings for your appetite: Red Paste, Lotus, Chocolate and Coconut, Available in cold or hot serving. We tried the Lotus in cold soya milk. It was yummy. But the rice balls were quite sticky. It should be better with hot soya milk.
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