Not Too Bad After All

Me & darling went to Summit USJ on last wednesday hoping that we'll be able to get tickets for "Spiderman 3" 8.30pm show. Again, we were disappointed to found out that the good seats either had been reserved or purchased. What we have is only 3rd row from the screen which is too near for me. So, we had to cancelled our Wednesday movie. Darling was very disappointed because he had been wanted to watch "Spiderman 3" since the first release at cinema. (poor him!) What I can't believe is that, 2 weeks after the release, it is still selling like hot cakes.

After that, we walked around Summit. Initially it was just a friendly window shopping, but i ended up with a pump and a working shirt. The pump was a good deal. Normally a pump like this would cost me at least RM70/pair. But I've got this @ RM19.90. Without further consideration, i grabbed it from the shelf. Even my darling - my wardrobe controller agreed with my buying. :)
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