Sleptover at Tat's Place

Yesterday, we went out for dinner with Sorchai & Tat at Taipan. Tat ended our night outing abruptly, announcing he needs to go home because all his family members have gone out leaving his mom alone in the house. At first, he suggested that we all go to his house for rounds of mahjong. But since he's the one fetching us to his house, we decided to stay over at his place and he can fetch us home the next morning after breakfast. Sorchai did not follow because he cannot stay over. Me and martin have no objection since my elder brother was at home accompanying my mom.

At his place, we watched It's a Beaituful Life starring Ronald Cheng, Tony Leung and Teresa Mo. It is about Thunder (Ronald Cheng) who is a God came to earth to help a guy (whom Thunder has promised to solve all his problems when he[guy] was a young boy) to solve his worldly problems. As you can guess, with Ronald Cheng, it's a hilarious movie.


After movie, we played mahjong till 3.30am. During the entire time playing mahjong, I didn't really have mood. I was worried about my work, there's an urgent shipment to Cairo. I didn't have mood also because I've been losing from the very first game. Tho' my tiles were nice, but I couldn't finish it. Not like that day playing at my home, I managed to finish most of the time. At the end, my total lost is RM20++. *frownn* Luckily, at the beginning of the game we've agreed to divide the amount by 5, meaning I only have to pay around RM4++.

Went to bed at 4am and woke up at 8am this morning. Took this picture this morning at Tat's place while waiting for him to take bath. I looked quite pale, don't I?
Anyway, then had breakfast at Sin Kong Restaurant, Taipan with Tat & Sorchai before going home.
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