Addicted! Like a drug addicts to drugs.
That's how i would describe myself right now. Everynight, for the past one week, i've been sitting in front of my laptop and digging the websites, weblogs, trying to find some interesting stuffs. I've found alot of great websites and interesting weblogs.

Today, I found a power tool that helps me keep track of my favourite blogs: Technorati. It also helps me to organize my posts in a formation called cloud tags. (Pls refer to my right navigation: under Label)

At first, i was quite clueless at what i've got myself into. I've no idea what Technorati is all about. Later, as i browsed through the contents, i see a clearer picture. I am using Technorati for its "Favourite Blogs - keep track" and "Blog Top Tag Widgets".

May i recommend you to use Technorati as well? In this way, i could keep track of your latest post through one website. (escpecially those in my Friends' Bloggies' list) Let me know once you've registered yourselves, ya! ;)
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