Day 1 at Singapore - Biz Trip

Me and darling took 'First Coach' bus from Bangsar,KL at 7.30am and reached Novena Square, Singapore around 1.00pm. Bus ticket is @ RM40/person (KL-SIN) and RM60/person (SIN-KL). Bus was clean and the seating was comfy [Inset Left].

Upon arrival, we headed for lunch at Kopitiam foodcourt [Inset Right] in Novena Square. There are variaties of cuisines to choose from: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc..

[Inset Left] I had a Taiwan noodle, @ S$3.50. It tasted a little bit of sweet & spicy, with very thinly sliced chicken and garnished with mint leaves: Modlicious (Moderately Delicious).

[Inset Right] Darling had a set of black pepper beef (rice + soup) @ S$4.50. Those who like black pepper will love this. My darling finished everything till the end of the gravy.
After that, we took a cab to my uncle's place at Hume Avenue Park. On the way, we got into a minor accident. The cab that we took hit onto the back of another car. The other car was badly dented, and i've hurt my hand and head during the crash. Don't worry, it was just minor scratch & bump.
At night, my uncle brought us to Sakura buffet at Singapore Science Park, together with my auntie, his son Nicky and my auntie's mom. The buffet is @ S$24/person and it was Superlicious with wide variation of foods: prawns, mussels, scallops, salmons (raw & grilled), unagi, inari, few other sushis, baby octopus (our favourite!!), beef, tomyam, laksa, fried kuey teow, dim sum, desserts: konyaku jelly, black jelly (kuai lin kou), fruits, ice-cream (cookies & cream was yummy), and many more... My stomach was screaming for help at the end of my dinner. That's the bad thing about me: Loss of self-control when I see so many temptatious good foods.

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