Day 2 & 3 (Last day) at Singapore - Biz Trip

All right, continue on with my biz trip: Day 2 at Singapore. It was very brief.

After meeting my agent and client, darling & I went to the famous Orchard Road. Singapore is still on sales! Everywhere I turn to, hangs the "Sales! Sales! Sales" tags.

I was behaving at my best, being able to resist all temptations coming my way, except for one. We were walking around Takashimaya, and passed by the section selling little snacks. There was this stall, selling all kinds of brownies. The first time we passed by, I was tempted to buy but didn’t make any move. As continue our window shopping, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about the yummy brownies. So, we walked back to the Brownie Stall and bought two types of brownies: One is their Best Seller: Chewy Gooey xxx Brownie @ S$2.80/each & xxx Raisin Brownie @ S$3.30/each. The Chewy Gooey xxx Brownie was really delicious. Exactly as named, it was chewy & gooey.

I regretted not buying a half dozen more to bring back to KL. *sigh* Remorse filled my heart as I journeyed back home on Wednesday evening. And till now, I am still thinking about ‘Her”.

Note: Actually wanted to buy for you to try, Sh'n, but your kor didn't want to go back Takashimaya on wed. *darn* really regret!!
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