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Chicken Sambal by Sukku
Quick & Easy Mug Cake by Sushi

Chefs, grab your buttons here if your recipes have been featured at AGP!
After brainstorming for nights on how and what should I do in return for those chefs who has shared their recipes with us, I came out with these lovely buttons. It came in two patterns; "View My Recipe @ AGP" and "My Recipe is featured @ AGP"; and four colours; pink, blue, purple and green.

View My Recipe @ AGP View My Recipe @ AGP

My Recipe is featured @ AGP My Recipe is featured @ AGP

So, Chefs, grab this button now and display it at your blog. There are a few changes you need to made on the html code:
1) colours: change it to whatever colors you want (pink, blue, purple or green)
2) url add: currently it is link to my home, change it to the html page of yr recipe that is featured here. eg;

I hope you guys love these buttons. Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how to make a better one, or if you need a custom made button. :)

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