Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

This afternoon, darling & I together with Uncle Mike, Aunt Janet, Mel, Steph, Weng Kor & his two sons: Ryan & Evan watched the talk of the town famous Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End at Golden Screen Cinema, One Utama. I must compliment GSC for their comfortable arrangement of seats. Their seats were slightly wider than the one at Summit USJ. And the seats were slighty slanted to the back, so that we could relax our head against its comfy cushion and at the same time have a pleasant view of the screen in front.

Before I watch the show, 2 of my friends told me that the show sucks. But being a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow & Will Turner, we must watch it. With a low expectation, we watched this movie. It turns out to be interesting. If I have to choose between Spiderman 3 and this, I would choose PotC: At World's End without any second thought.

I loved the "proposal part" where Will proposed to Elizabeth during an intensive fight between crews of Black Pearl & The Flying Ducthman. But I disliked the ending where Will have to replace Davvy Jones and commit to his duty of bringing the deads to other world [or bringing the deads from other world? I am not so sure].

Why can't it be just happy ending with Captain Jack Sparrow in Will's place and Will can be with Elizabeth happily ever after?


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