Renewing My Passport at Terminal 2

Yesterday, I went to renew my passport. Was informed by Sorchai over lunch that there is a immigration office in Subang Terminal 2. Comparing the distance between PKNS and Subang Terminal 2, i opted to renew at Terminal 2.

The immigration office is located inside Terminal 2 building itself. Look for a blue "Eurocopter" signboard on your left. When you see it, turn left, in. You will see a green signage "Immigration Malaysia" (only after you've turned in). There's also a carpark inside. Carpark rates @ RM1.50/ hour. If you wanted to get free parking, park at the nearby open space carpark, opposite Terminal 3 or under shelter just outside Terminal 3 (if you are able to find a space, which i did).

Operation Hours:-
Mon - Thurs : 8.00am - 1.00pm, 2.oopm - 5.00pm
Fri : 8.00am - 12.30pm, 2.45pm - 5.00pm

1) Duly completed & signed IM.42 Form (download here)
2) 1 photocopy of your front & back I.C
3) 2 pcs passport size photo
4) Old passport.

RM300 for adult
RM150 for children below 12 yrs old
RM150 for students who are under 21 years old and will be going overseas to study,

I reached the immigration office about 1.45pm. Waited for it to re-open after lunch for about 15 mins.

- If you have all your documents ready as per above stated, go direct to Counter 1 to get your number.

- If you have not got anything ready, take your form for RM1/pc at Counter 11. Then go to the Photocopy and Photo taking booth located at the far right of the office. (Don't worry, you'll be able to see the booth).
For photocopy front & back @ RM0.40.
For photo taking @ RM8/ 4 pcs passport size.
When you've done all these and had your form filled up, then get your number at Counter 1.

After submitting your application, sit down & relax. You still need to wait for your turn to pay at Counter 5, using the same number. The officer at Counter 5 will let you know when to collect your new passport. For renewal of passport using microchip, it is within 24hours. I collected mine this morning at 8.30am. I waited for 3 minutes only.

Uncle Mike got his passport renewed at PKNS in the morning and collected in the afternoon on the same day. It depends.

When I went to renew my passport 5 yrs ago, as far as I remember, I needed to wait the whole day for submission. But yesterday it only took me approx 2 hours. I must say, I am impressed with their efficiency. Good job! "Service with Smile!" ^^
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