Rendang Chicken Turns Curry Chicken

Yeah... you've heard me right. A rendang chicken turns curry chicken. The so-called Excellent Cook finally have a mistake to tell. Haha! How does that happened? I'll tell you! Before that let's get to the ingredients first. ;)

Curry Chicken

Actually, i didn't have any own recipe. I just bought
a packet of Maggi Rendang Beef and
some lemon grass,
kaffir leaves, and
1/2 chicken approx. 500g

Noticed any ingredient missing from above?
Yes, it's coconut milk. Actually i thought with the Maggi paste, there's no coconut milk required. That's why i didn't buy. How silly me? I only realized that i need coconut milk when I read the recipe at the back packet after cleaning the chicken.

What should I do without coconut milk? I had my refrigerator upside down and finally found quarter packet of full cream milk. With the approx. 21/2 cup milk, i cooked the rendang chicken (Supposed I need 4 cups of coconut milk). Rendang chicken is supposed to be without much gravy, but mine ended up with lots of thick gravy. And it tasted more like curry chicken (as what my darling said). But Thank God that it still taste good. If not, i have to finish the dish myself.

Note: Here's a recipe from Amy Beh on Rendang Chicken.

Besides that, i also cooked Stir fried Belacan Lady's Finger/ Okra.

1 packet of Lady's Finger/ Okra (approx. 20 pcs)
3 by 3 cm belacan
2 tbsp chili paste
1 handful of dried small prawns (chopped)
3 chili padi (chopped)
2 cloves garlic (chopped)

1. Cut lady's finger into small pieces. Deep fried the vege first, about 1 min in hot oil. Scoop out.

2. Heat wok, saute garlic, then add in the rest of the ingredients (except lady's finger) and stir fry until fragrant. Add in the lady's finger and stir fry till evenly mixed with all ingredients.
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