Candy Dollies & Other Cuties

I've found another excitement in life. And it's call Doll Maker! Haha! Yep, this is another post too cute for the boys. :) I was ecstatic when I found these doll makers. There are aplenty of choices to choose from. And I loved getting my hands on all these. So instead of simply just making these dollies, i've make them in resemblances of my friends. Hope you guys don't mind! :)

These are Candy Dollies: Marzie & B, Emila & Hubbs and Janice & Hubby.
Me & Darling Marzie & B
Emila & Hubbs Jan & Hubby

And this is LV Fashion Dollies: Sh'n & Me ^^
Sisters Forever!

These cuties are Mini SayClub Dollies: Karen, Bobo and 38kia/ Jerry.
Karen Bobo 38kia

And these are Angel Dollies: for Bobby.
Bobby's Angels

Meanwhile, these pretties are Korean Dollies: Nick & Adrian, Jamilla, Barrett and NafaSG Team.
Best Buddies Sweet Girl
Barrett The Faboulous NafaSG Team

Dressup Games, Doll Makers, Dolls, Music Codes, Glitter Graphics, and More!

Wowow!! I gotta stop here. This is getting too much of my time. I need to get my butt moving onto another tag. I've been talking & sitting on it for quite some time already. Sorry to those who tagged me, please bear with me, ya! I'll get it out soon. Maybe I shall do a tag marathon like Nick and Marzie. :P

Oh, for all Malaysians, wishing you guys "Happy Merdeka!" and enjoy your 3-Days holidays! Malaysia Boleh!!

For others, here's for you: "haha..u guys need to work today? Too bad! I am enjoying myself at home now, sipping my hot cup of coffee..hhmmm.. LOL!" *just teasing,ya!* ;)

See you guys! Hope you had much fun enjoying these dollies!

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