My Seven Ps'

Adrian and Nick have just tagged me on this meme called the 7 Ps' which was created by WVb A blog about everything and more to know his fellow bloggers better. This is the simpliest meme ever and I am going to do this first. (yes, guys, i know i still owe you lots of tags. i am trying to work my ass on it fast. bear with me,k!)

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Passion: My Personal Saviour, My families, My, Doggies, My Business, My Friends
Purpose: To create a stress-free and worries-free ambiance for all that I love.
Pursuit: Love, Happiness.
Position: A joy giver.
Pummeling: My attitude! Getting all the temper back. Need to kick it off before it start to stuck on me forever.
Progress: In progress.
Personality: Friendly.

And now, for the five blogs that i read on regular basis (besides First Time Dad, Anything Goes!, Mariuca and This is A Miracle) are:
Emila's Illustrated Blog,
Simple Life and
One Day at A Time.

Have fun, guys! :)

Disclaimer: The above Graphic is taken from Does not belong to me.

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