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Do you all remember Sheena, the German Shepherd dog? She was a beautiful puppy, but her hope & happiness were dashed at the hand of her cruel owner. As seen in the photo above, her ribs were sticking out and stomach bloated, sitting by her rusty bowl of contaminated water. Her owner had kept her tied up & starving.

A neighbour called the SPCA and Sheena was rescued but it was too late. She had to be put down on August 18, 2005. The post-mortem revealed that she had suffered neglect for years - infected with ticks, suffered brittle bones due to malnutrition from young and the malfunction of all her major organs causing water retention which resulted in a bloated abdomen, empty bladder and stomach.

On another case which happened around December 2006, a stray dog was rescued from the cruelty of indonesion workers whom had nicknamed the dog "haram" (illegal). He was cruelly beaten that his jaw was crushed. It was just gruesome, like the act of barbarians. I can't imagine anyone with a normal mentality would do such thing. Click here to read the article & view the photos. I cried at the sight of this helpless dog. :`(

Please stop all these abuses!! Animals need our love & attention!! If you don't like animals, don't buy or touch them. Just leave them alone!

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