Cameron Highlands For 3D2N

It's been quite a while since our last trip together. We had planned this trip a month ago and it was great to see everybody commited to this vacation by taking a day off from their work.

We went to Cameron Highlands, PAHANG, on Saturday (20/Oct) and came back on Monday (22/Oct). It was a relaxing vacation as most of the time, we stayed in our cozy little apartment playing mahjong and blackjack. Haha! Yeah, with my this bunch of guy friends, blackjack is inevitable in ALL our trips.

I was expecting freezing cold weather at night (as what i've experienced when i was there last 6-7 years ago) but it turn out to be just the same as in my air-conditioned room. However, if you are outside, the weather could be cooling and a little chilly at night.

Click here to view my photo album.

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