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Does your spouse or families travel to oversea countries often? Do you miss them while they are away? I am sure you do, right! While my darling was on business trip at Egypt for a week early this year, I missed him heaps. We talked on the phone for about 10-15 mins only per day, fearing that our phone bills might soar up high. At the end, we have to pay about RM400 on our phone bills. It's crazily expensive since we only talked for max 15mins per day for a week!

While I was browsing through PPP moment ago, I stumbled upon Pingo - global phone card. I read on and it's content really captured my interest. Pingo is a global brand of virtual calling cards with amazing low rates. If you sign up now, you'll receive $8 in FREE CALLS. Special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo. Pingo has NO hidden fee's, NO surprises with the best competitive rates worldwide. To see the full list of countries Pingo reaches and their calling card rates click here.

Receive $25 phone card for just $17.

You can choose from Business & Family Plan to Mobile Plan. With Pingo Business, your entire business can save on long distance calling; you can put your entire company (up to 999 people) or your family on Pingo and manage their accounts through a central administrative account. Isn't it easy? And you can also save a bundled on international calls.

With Pingo Mobile, you can save upto 90% on international cell phone calls. If you think what I've just said is great, hear this: Pingo’s calling card affiliate program pays $15 for each new customer you refer.

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