Trick & Treat

Hello peoples!

It's Halloween today and i thought what a great way to celebrate this day with a Trick & Treat post. I will tag these below wonderful peoples to both Trick & Treat.

Marzie, Janice, Emila, Bobby, Nick, Adrian, Sam, NAFA, Jamilla, Karen, Trinity, Barrett, Winston, Jerry, Bobo, Sandman, Joezul, Jo.

Have fun, guys! :)

The Trick

Adrian, the Genie King threw a tricky question to me some times back. Before that, let's go through the instruction first.

INSTRUCTION: I will tag you a Question and you Post your answer on your blog. After that you make another question and tag other bloggers. Easy Mah? Let’s get it on!

His Question is: On a dark stormy night you're driving alone on a narrow back road. You actually took a wrong turn and don't really know where you are and there are no familiar landmarks and neither are there any buildings. Suddenly you have a flat tyre....what would you do?
1) Stay in the car until daybreak
2) Get out in the rain and try to change the tyre
3) Walk to the nearest place to ask for help
4) Call someone to give you a hand (remember you don't know where you are)
5) Drive on with the flat tyre until you reach civilization

Well, let's see...

- Answer no.1 would be too dangerous for a girl. What if some lunatic guy came out of nowhere and started banging my windows with a spanner. Nonono!
- Answer no.2 would be too crazy for me. What if some wild animals appeared from nowhere and started chasing me into the forest. Nonono!
- Answer no.3 would be out of sense to me. I am just too lazy to walk. So, Nonono!
- Answer no.4 would be the first thing i wanted to do. But since i do not know where I am, so i can't do that yet.
- Answer no.5 would be the best for me.

So, yeah, My answer would be no.5. I would continue to drive with the flat tyre until i see some landmarks or signboards. Then I would call for help because then i could tell them where I am.
So, how do i score, GK? Did i do this well? This is the most sensible answer i could think of that i would actually react in that situation.

Okay, now here's my question:
It's Halloween night, and you are partying at your friend's campus which is just few blocks away from yours. Suddenly you felt a tornado starting up in your stomach and you need to use the bathroom urgently. You went to the bathroom inside his room but it's occupied. You tried the bathroom down the hallway, it's all occupied too.

At this moment, you are really pissed, "What the h*ll are these peoples doing in the bathrooms?" You thought you wanted wait, but the tornado is starting to turn to F5. So, hurriedly, you burst through empty hallway, to the front door and to the street, heading back to your campus. You are running as fast as you could and you thought you might have won the 100m in 8 seconds with this speed.

Then you noticed something that looks like a white cloth floating on the air beneath the huge tree at the roadside. No, wait, it's not just a white cloth. It's Casper's brother, Fasper, the ferocious ghost! You stopped running. You felt a gush of wind brushed through your wet hair. Your heart beats like crazy. And the tornado started to do its damages so bad inside your stomach that you think you couldn't hold it any longer. Fasper is still hunting beneath the tree, and have not noticed your presence yet. All the other buildings were close for the night and you are only one block away from your home. What are you gonna do?

1) Down of your knee and start praying, hoping that Fasper will go away.
2) Take care of the tornado by the bushes first, risking your dignity that you might be seen by others.
3) Run ahead as fast as you can, hoping that Fasper would not chase you.

Your answer could be none of the above. You can think up of your own answer. Please amuse me! :)

The Treat

(originated from Anni of Hootin’ Anni)

I was given this yummy treat award because Trinity thought I am sweet as a candied apple. Thanks, Trin! :)

And now, i am giving you this yummy treat because i think you are sweet too! Love ya'all! :)

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